Boots Ingredients Rooibos Sheet Mask

Would you believe I have a mask drawer? Have a variety of mask types, mainly for hydration but I think I have a mask for every skin scenario! I love sheet masks as I find them especially good for my dry skin.

Boots Ingredients Rooibos Sheet Mask Tasha's Face energising and revitalising

The Boots Rooibos sheet mask promises to be “energising & revitalising” and my dry skin does need extra help revitalising. The question is, would extra hydration with a simple hyaluronic mask be enough or do I need the extra boost from the rooibos? Let’s face it, “energising & revitalising” is quite vague!


“Rooibos” means red bush and you might have heard of it from the tea. I drink rooibos tea because it doesn’t have caffeine and I don’t put milk in my tea. You can also get different flavours. I have to say, my love of the tea partly persuaded me to buy this mask.


Instructions are to cleanse, apply, relax for 15 minutes then massage in the excess.


The mask itself was soft and easy to apply and it stayed securely on my face. It was a good fit but was quite close to my eyes (it says to avoid contact with eyes which was tricky). My poor child couldn’t figure out what happened to his mummy. He didn’t know whether to laugh or run away!


The mask looked a little yellow but I think (and hope) that was because of the “red bush”.


The pack says the colour may vary due to the natural ingredients. Depending on what you would call natural, I recognise water, glycerin, grapefruit extract, and orange flower extract. It contains added fragrance. Other ingredients are in the photo and “aspalathus linearis extract” is the red bush ingredient.

Boots Ingredients Rooibos Sheet Mask Tasha's Face energising and revitalising

The mask felt cooling on my face to the extent of being a little chilly but it was tolerable for the 20 minutes I kept in on. Afterwards I massaged the excess into my face and used the serum from the packet on my neck. I didn’t need to moisturise my face with anything else which was a pleasant surprise.


My face had more colour to it once I had removed the mask. I have no idea if the rooibos in there slightly darkened my skin (I’ve never put the tea on my skin before!) or that my skin looked healthier thanks to the hydration boost. Either way, my skin was energised and revitalised, just as promised. The healthy look lasted until I went to bed so not particularly long-lasting. I think this mask is best for a quick boost before going out.


I am intrigued about the colour aspect. Maybe I’ll buy one more to see if it has the same effect. If it does, then the Boots Rooibos sheet mask will probably become a repeat purchase because my complexion becomes so sallow in the winter and I need all the help I can get!


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Signs of ageing: What does this mean?

ageing, tashas's face, blue light, skin care, darker skin

I decided to write this post after becoming fed up with being told we need to fight the “signs of aging”. Skin is meant to age, just as the rest of our body does, but it seems this is not allowed.

The real trigger point was a Sunday Times Style magazine article (28th Nay 2017) called “Is your screen killing your skin?” by Claire Coleman. The first paragraph ended with “But if the prospect of a sleepless night isn’t enough to have you powering down, would the news that this type of light could also be prematurely ageing your skin have you reaching for the off button?”

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The Bel Age Anti-Ageing Health and Beauty Show 2016: Stands, products and advice

Lancom Hydra Zen Genefique Terre Verdi Bionix London Marine Cleanser
Lancome, Terre Verdi and Bionix London goodies

So here’s my third and final post on the Bel Age Anti-Ageing Show (the others are here and here). One of the best things about going to shows is that you can discover new brands and find out more about existing brands.  The people on the stands will have good product knowledge, can offer advice and for smaller brands, you might even get to meet the founders/makers!

At Lancôme, I was asked what my skin concerns are. I don’t think I have any huge problems – dry cheeks, oily nose, dullness in winter. I was advised to exfoliate, which I hadn’t bothered to do for some time.  Exfoliating has several advantages:

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The Bel Age Anti-Ageing Show: What to expect and getting the most out of it

Bel Age Anti-Ageing Show 2016 Programme
Bel Age Anti-Ageing Show 2016 Programme

The annual Bel Age Anti-Ageing Health and Beauty Show in association with the Harley Street Clinic was held on 14-15 May this year.  I had never been before so when I spotted the opportunity to receive a complimentary ticket from Thirty Plus, I did a quick spot of research then registered my ticket.

As you would expect, there were stands dedicated to turning back the clock by using various methods ranging from skincare to cosmetic surgery and everything in between. It’s a one-stop shop to learning how to look and feel like the person you want to be and then to take steps to do so if you wish.

In the past I hadn’t attended because I thought it would be all about cosmetic surgery and anti-wrinkle cream. I’m also not comfortable with the phrase “anti-ageing”. We all get older and I personally don’t have a problem with that. I just want to look the best I can for my age and grow old healthily.  I think that if I look after my insides, it will show on the outside.  Having said that, I wouldn’t rule out cosmetic surgery or other less invasive procedures for a bit of a boost. It’s there when I’m ready for it.

The good news is I learned a lot! I knew I wanted to attend some talks to learn how I could improve my general health and visit the Lancôme stand for some day cream.  Other than that I was just going to see what caught my eye.

What to expect

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My First Love Me Beauty “Box”

Love Me Beauty
Love Me Beauty

When I received a voucher code in one of the various magazines I subscribe to (can’t remember which one), I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to try a Love Me Beauty box.

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Keziah Connections: Networking, Fun and Beauty

Shopping for gold lipstick at Fashion Fair
Shopping for gold lipstick at Fashion Fair

Since my first post about my time at Keziah Connections, you might think I have not returned. This is definitely not the case! I love meeting new people who have similar interests to me. I love it even more when that interest is beauty. Here’s a few snippets in case you’re thinking about joining me at some point.  As you can see, we talk about more than beauty – business, fashion, media and Black History Month have all featured.

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Olympia Beauty 2015: Benefit Gifts

Benefit pucker up & party
Benefit pucker up & party

Last weekend I went to the Olympia Beauty show, a show for beauty professionals. I went with the intention of trying to find new products to share with you and to attend beauty talks.   It was very business-like so not really a place for selfies and Periscopes. A lot of the products would only be available to professionals or in salons but I did get to see the new OPI Starlight Collection which you can find on my nail blog here. I also came face-to-face with the botanical nail polish brand Soigne which I will also post about on my nail blog.

I also had look at the Benefit Christmas gifts. Yes, I wrote the “C” word! Here’s what I would like to see under the tree.

There were three gorgeous tins all costing £39.50 representing a saving on buying the products separately of between 31% and 51%, depending on which one you go for.   As for the tins themselves, I don’t really know how to describe them but the inner part rotates which was a nice, typically quirky touch from Benefit. You’ll have to see them. Even if I can’t use all of the products, the tins are very nice and I wouldn’t mind seeing some, or all of them under the tree!

Benefit Christmas Gift Sets
Benefit Christmas Gift Sets

The green tin, “get your party on” contains hoola bronzer, they’re real mascara, high beam highlighter and gimme Brow in medium/deep. It would be better for me if Sun Beam was the highlighter though. I’m worried High Beam might look a little stark. It might be ok for strobing for an evening look but I’m not sure for the daytime. I’ll have to try it (did you see that Santa?). Hoola works for me when I don’t have a tan so it would be good for warming my winter battered skin. I’ll have to put it away in the summer though.

The blue tin, “your b.right! to party” is the skincare set which makes it the most universal. It contains it’s potent! eye cream which I was unsure of until I was shown how to use it properly then loved it, the POREfessional primer which I just love, instant comeback facial serum and triple performing facial emulsion.

The pink tin is called “you’re so party!” and contains your start-to-finish essentials – the POREfessional primer, hoola bronzer, hoola lipgloss and they’re real mascara. They’re real is an amazing mascara – I didn’t know my lashes could look so long! I’m not really a fan of the lip glosses by Benefit but I know people like them because they are not sticky at all. I don’t mind a little tackiness if I get longer wear.

Benefit Christmas Gift Set - you're so party!
Benefit Christmas Gift Set – you’re so party!

There were also some smaller sets which were tempting but I resisted, perhaps to my peril!

The “pucker up & party” pictured above) balm and tint set containing benebalm and benetint, the red shade and posie tine and posie balm, the pink tint is made for me. This one is amazing value at only £19.50. I want to try benetint under red lipstick but I’m unsure how drying I’ll find it, although that’s why the balm is included. The colour comes from the tint and the moisture from the balm. I haven’t tried posietint at all but I do like pink lip!

“party like a rockstar” has both they’re real and rollerlash mascaras. I love them both and cannot choose a favourite between them! It also has hoola bronzer, the POREfessional primer four neutral eyeshadows and a couple of tools. I’d use it all!

Benefit party like a rockstar
Benefit party like a rockstar

I don’t know how I didn’t buy all of this!

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BeautyCon London: Skin Preparation and Goodies

Liz Earle treats
Liz Earle treats

Before applying any make-up, it’s important to prepare the skin, especially when you need the make-up to last all day.  This was especially important when I went to BeautyCon London 2015 when there were temperature changes from warm, to very hot to cold in the wind.

I kept it quite simple as I don’t have a huge amount of time to get ready. After cleansing, I used Benefit Puff Off eye cream under the eye only, Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Lip Protectant on my lips to prepare my lips for my lip colour, and Benefit Total Moisturiser facial cream for the rest of my face. There was no time to apply serum!

At BeautyCon London, I managed to pick up two Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish hot cloth cleansers and two muslin cloths. One was from the vending machine for sending a tweet and the other was for posting a selfie on Instagram.  I am quite pleased with this as I like to use hot cloth cleansers as a well-needed treat, like a little spa at home.

Now to find time to have a relaxing bath!

Basic skin preparation
Basic skin preparation