Doing make-up for other people

Doing make-up for other people
Doing make-up for other people

I have now done make-up for two people other than myself – of completely different ages and with mainly different requirements. They both wanted to look fairly natural as they wanted to look like themselves when they looked in the mirror. In general, they both only wore make-up on special occasions. That meant no face-shape changing contouring, no false lashes and not too much drama on the eyes, because this would be too much of a transformation. It wasn’t necessary anyway because they are both beautiful people!

They also had different skin issues they wanted addressed- one had an uneven skintone with darker blemishes, the other had uneven skin due to pimples. For both, I talked to them about the importance of using the right skincare for their skin issues as the better the condition of the skin, the better the make-up will look. Plus, they would feel better about themselves if they knew they didn’t have to always cover up with make-up, a good skincare regime will be sufficient.

They key thing I learned was that you must communicate. Listen to their wishes and concerns. You are in their personal space, touching their face. They need to feel comfortable with you doing that, and confident that you will deliver what they have asked. For someone particularly nervous, let them see what you are doing at regular intervals. I like to explain what I am doing as I go along, for example, “I’m now going to blend”, otherwise it can seem a little strange if they don’t know what to expect!

If you are going to do make-up for other people, the preparation counts too. If you are organised, you will feel good. If you look organised, your client will feel good. Lay out what you need neatly and pack it away properly when done. Hygiene is also very important. Wash your brushes and sanitise your products and tools that can’t be washed like pencil sharpeners. I use a conditioning brush cleanser for my brushes and surgical spirit in a mini spray bottle to sanitise (both are available from pharmacies). You can also wipe the surfaces of lipsticks, creams and gels using a tissue. Try using disposable tools such as mascara spoolies and sponges. Also, make sure your hands are clean!

I enjoy making people feel like the best version of themselves, although I am willing to get creative and transform you if you like! I think that’s what make-up is about really. What do you think?

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Grey Hair Needs Bright Lips


I’m really liking this grey hair trend at the moment. Why wait until I’m going naturally grey when I can have it now? The question is, how does this work with non-elderly skin without making it look washed out?

The answer has been showcased by several celebrities – bold and bright lips! Mirina Diamandis wears her grey hair with bright orange or Barbie pink lips (two colours I love) and Lady Gaga wore hers with dark blue glitter lips which is clearly not for the faint-hearted.

I love bright lips so here are the colours I think will go best with grey hair:

Orange – opposites attract!

Illamasqua Flare & MAC Morange

Pastel blue – it’s only a few shades away from grey – take inspiration from Jourdan Dunn

Makeup Revolution Immoral

Pastel pink and purple – I can imagine a grey/pastel pink ombre for lips and hair!

MUA matte lipstick in Lilac Belle and Makeup Revolution lipsticks in Enchant and Depraved

Barbie pink – because it’s fun.

L’Oreal Color Riche Lipstick in 370

Bold purple – grey and purple make a gorgeous combination

Makeup Revolution Atomic Lipsticks on Make It Right and Make Me Magnificent

Hot Pink – hot pink and grey is just, well, hot!

Hot Pink
Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet lip colours in 06 Pink Pong and 05 Ole Flamingo and Makeup Revolution lipsticks in Dazzle and Crime

And of course, grey hair looks great with red lips which works for all ages. It will go with all of my shades of red because they are all so bright but I’ve picked out MUA shade 13 for a red crème and Rimmel Apocalips Lips Velvet in Burning Lava for a matte finish:

MUA shade 13 and Rimmel Apocalips Lip Velvet in Burning Lava

Will you be rocking grey hair with bright lips this summer?


No wonder my bag is so heavy!

How many lip products in a handbag is too many?
How many lip products in a handbag is too many?

I usually carry more than one lip product in my handbag but how many is too many? As a minimum I carry a lip care product such as a balm or Vaseline plus the lip colour that I’m wearing that day. I also might throw in another lip colour just in case I change my mind halfway through the day.


For the past two weeks for some reason I’ve been using a lip product, throwing it in my bag then the next day picking another lip product and chucking that in my bag. No replacement, just adding. No wonder my bag weighs a ton! As of today, I’ve ended up with:

  1. Maybelline Baby Lips Intensive Care
  2. Maybelline Baby Lips Cherry Me
  3. Maybelline Baby Lips in Pink Punch
  4. Revlon ColorBurst Lipgloss in Sizzle
  5. Rimmel Oh My Gloss! in My Eternity
  6. Rimmel Apocalips Lip Velvet in Burning Lava
  7. MAC lip pencil in Cherry to wear with Burning Lava
  8. lip balm in Organic Moroccan Argan Oil
  9. Dr. PawPaw Orginal Balm
  10. YSL Volupte Tint-in-Oil No.8 in Pink About Me
  11. MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer in Dare
  12. Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in 10 Don’t Pink of it!



Contouring with Sleek, Seventeen, MUA and sometimes YSL

(L-R) Sleek  Contouring Kit, MUA Bronzer, Seventeen Instant Glow Shimmer Brick, Sleek Face Form, Touche Éclat
(L-R) Sleek Contouring Kit, MUA Bronzer, Seventeen Instant Glow Shimmer Brick, Sleek Face Form, Touche Éclat


I use a combination of products to contour. I try to keep it subtle because full-on contouring for an average person in the daytime can look too “done” or over the top. I’ll turn it up a notch if I’m going out at night. Let’s face it, I’m not going to get snapped by the paparazzi and put on the front of a magazine am I?

I also use a selection of brushes mainly:

  • Real Techniques duo-fiber contour brush
  • Models Own powder brush
  • Models Own angled blush brush
  • No7 blusher brush

Sleek Contouring Kit in Medium with a blusher

use the dark shade in the Sleek kit to contour the shadows in the classic “3” shape- sides of forehead, hollows of cheeks, sides of chin plus the sides of nose. I use the light shimmery shade on the top edge of my cheek bones and sometimes sweep this up to my temples. I also use it in the middle of my forehead (risky I know!). I find I need a little something more with this kit so I add blusher to the apples of my cheeks and blend out. I either blend as I go along which is ideal, or blend it all afterwards.

Sleek Face Form in Medium


With this all-in-one palette there’s no need for anything else. The dark and light shades are the same as in the Sleek Contouring Kit in Medium so I use them in the same way as in the contouring kit. I then apply the bronzer to the apples of my cheeks and blend out.


MUA bronzer in Shade 3 with Seventeen Instant Glow Shimmer Brick in Gold Bronze


The MUA bronzer is not as dark as the dark colour on the Sleek palettes so I use this when I don’t have a tan or when I want more subtle colour. I use it for the shadows in my contour routine. I then use the three bronze colours in the Seventeen shimmer brick on my cheeks and the lightest colour to highlight the cheekbones. This is my favourite combination.


Sleek Contouring Kit in Medium with Seventeen Instant Glow Shimmer Brick in Gold Bronze


If I want a more dramatic shadow I use the dark colour in the Sleek Contouring Kit in Medium with the bronze colours in the Seventeen shimmer brick on my cheeks and the lightest colour from the shimmer brick to highlight the cheekbones.



For all of the options, sometimes I use Touche Éclat on bridge of my nose, under my eyes, under the brows, on the cupid’s bow and in that crease above the chin but below the lip. What is that called by the way?


Why Contour?

Contouring is amazing! I love sculpting my face!

Although it has been made popular relatively recently by Kim Kardashian West, I’m sure it has been a make-up artist’s secret for decades. I can see why.

It gives the effect of instant weight loss for the face which I love because compared with my teenage self, I’m sure my face is rounder. My friends, family and probably you guys think I’m crazy for picking on such a thing! My rational mind says I can’t look like a teenager forever but I’ve given into society’s image of beauty – just a little bit.

Actually, the best thing about contouring is that I can emphasise my best features (apparently I do have cheekbones!) but if I contour in a particular way, to some, it looks like I’m not wearing any makeup. That’s what I want really for day-to-day wear.

Some people will contour from the liquid foundation to powder but I seldom wear liquid foundation. I use powder only.

My contour kit is mainly from the high street- Seventeen, Sleek and MUA, with a YSL Touch Éclat thrown in if I’m in the mood. I’ll do another post on how I use them – it’s a complete mix and match affair!


Full face with flash - Hot Pink with Anita Grant and Kiko
Full face with flash – Hot Pink with Anita Grant and Kiko
Dark Blue Eyes and Ultra Nude Lips
Dark Blue Eyes and Ultra Nude Lips


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Review: MUA Nail Polish in Pistachio Ice Cream

Review: MUA Nail Polish in Pistachio Ice Cream
 MUA Nail Polish in Pistachio Ice Cream

This tiny little bottle of pale mint green nail polish contains MUA Nail Polish in Pistachio Ice Cream. It needs two coats of colour as a minimum but I do this with all of my nail colours. I really like the colour on me – it was definitely attention grabbing and it’s very pretty! It’s the exact pastel green I was looking for. I found it chipped within a day but most of my nail colours do anyway.

I would say based on this nail colour that MUA nail polishes are good for trying out new colours against you skin tone without having to worry about wasting too much money if it doesn’t look quite right.

Have you tried any MUA £1 nail polishes?

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Review: MUA Red Lipstick in Shade 13

MUA Red Lipstick in Shade 13 back together again!
MUA Red Lipstick in Shade 13 back together again!

I’ve been desperate to try one of these infamous £1 lipsticks since December last but it took a while for Superdrug to begin to restock the MUA shelves.

I went for Shade 13 because try as I might, I struggle with matte as it is so drying. I’m into my glosses and I have only just started trying mattes since starting this blog.

This is a true creamy red. I actually love this £1 gem! It glides on easily and has good staying power. It stays put and does not bleed so there’s no need for lip liner. It produces the bold colour I want with minimal effort and it actually brightened my mood when I wore it! It perfectly suits my skin tone and is not drying in the slightest.

Thanks to Beauty in Beta I now know that the coloured part at the bottom comes off so I can use a lip brush to apply colour without messing up the bullet.

This is my new favourite red!


MUA Red Lipstick in Shade 13 disassembled!
MUA Red Lipstick in Shade 13 disassembled!
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Review: MUA Liquid Eyeliner in Shade 4

MUA Liquid Eyeliner in Shade 4
MUA Liquid Eyeliner in Shade 4 – please ignore the stray brows!
MUA Liquid Eyeliner in Shade 4
MUA Liquid Eyeliner in Shade 4

I bought this MUA Liquid Eyeliner in Shade 4 as I wanted to have a grey liquid liner and I didn’t want to spend £20 on an Artliner from Lancôme. What I actually got from this bottle was a highly reflective pewter!

As with Shade 2, the applicator is a sponge which draws a very thin line and the consistency of the liquid is such that you need to apply one coat, let it dry, then apply another.

The colour is amazing but if it cracks like Shade 2 that will be disappointing. The plus side is that it only cost £1. Looks like I still need that Artliner!


MUA Liquid Eyeliner in Shade 4
MUA Liquid Eyeliner in Shade 4