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Fenty Beauty Beach Please Killawatt Foil Highlighter and Summer Nights Iridescent Lip Luminizers

When I saw the new Fenty Beauty Beach Please Summer 2018 collection, I got very excited! The original collection didnโ€™t tempt me to buy anything but the lure of the pink and orange highlighter was irresistible to me! Check out the video:

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August Heat Face of the Day: Hyper-Strobing No Mascara

makeup flatlay patmcgrath skin fetish 003 makeup revolution iconic pro 2

We’ve had some extremely hot days this week (for the UK). Temperatures reached 33 (or more) degrees centigrade so it must have been unbearably hot on the London tubes.

I chose to wear a modified no-makeup makeup look. As was my usual for allergy season, there was no mascara. But this time I decided to use my Pat Mcgrath Labs Skin Fetish 003 Iridescent Pink 003 Pigment from the Nude set. I don’t buy Pat McGrath Labs (with a $25 shipping fee!) to play it safe!

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Cloudy Glow Make-up

pat mcgrath nude shiny stick highligter kiko in the shade 5 iman clay 1 ysl vinyl couture im the clash im the fire black gold 1 9 mascara bobbi brown eyeshadow mahogany
Even my eyelashes glow!

I have a variety of makeup to choose from and not much time to apply it so it’s the little additions that make all of the difference.ย  On Friday I wore some new products and some of my favourites and decided I wanted to “up the glow” to catch the few rays of sun on this cloudy summer’s day.ย  I didnโ€™t have time to take any good selfies to I recreated the look yesterday where I had time to take photos but no time to post!

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