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Grey Hair Needs Bright Lips


I’m really liking this grey hair trend at the moment. Why wait until I’m going naturally grey when I can have it now? The question is, how does this work with non-elderly skin without making it look washed out?

The answer has been showcased by several celebrities – bold and bright lips! Mirina Diamandis wears her grey hair with bright orange or Barbie pink lips (two colours I love) and Lady Gaga wore hers with dark blue glitter lips which is clearly not for the faint-hearted.

I love bright lips so here are the colours I think will go best with grey hair:

Orange – opposites attract!

Illamasqua Flare & MAC Morange

Pastel blue – it’s only a few shades away from grey – take inspiration from Jourdan Dunn

Makeup Revolution Immoral

Pastel pink and purple – I can imagine a grey/pastel pink ombre for lips and hair!

MUA matte lipstick in Lilac Belle and Makeup Revolution lipsticks in Enchant and Depraved

Barbie pink – because it’s fun.

L’Oreal Color Riche Lipstick in 370

Bold purple – grey and purple make a gorgeous combination

Makeup Revolution Atomic Lipsticks on Make It Right and Make Me Magnificent

Hot Pink – hot pink and grey is just, well, hot!

Hot Pink
Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet lip colours in 06 Pink Pong and 05 Ole Flamingo and Makeup Revolution lipsticks in Dazzle and Crime

And of course, grey hair looks great with red lips which works for all ages. It will go with all of my shades of red because they are all so bright but I’ve picked out MUA shade 13 for a red crème and Rimmel Apocalips Lips Velvet in Burning Lava for a matte finish:

MUA shade 13 and Rimmel Apocalips Lip Velvet in Burning Lava

Will you be rocking grey hair with bright lips this summer?


My First Makeup Revolution Spree

My First Makeup Revolution Spree Purchases
My First Makeup Revolution Spree Purchases

Makeup Revolution was on all the blogs whilst I was on a spending ban -that was painful! To deal with this I created a Pinterest wishlist so now you can see what I actually went for.

As soon as my spending ban was over I placed this order. Having been disappointed time after time with another cheap make-up brand, I chose only a few products to test them out on the basis I can always order more.

I had to get all of the limited edition Scandalous lip collection as at £1 per lipstick, I decided this is the best way to try out some crazy colours.

I bought:

Vice – a bright orange because I am on a mission to find a reasonably priced bright orange lipstick which is not red, coral or peach masquerading as orange.
Immoral – a pale blue lipstick because since last year where blue lips kept popping up in the magazines, I decided I simply needed a blue lipstick.
Depraved – a lilac shade which I’m hoping will look good on me because purples tend to suit my skintone.
Crime – a fuchsia pink because for some crazy reason I do not have a fuchsia pink lipstick even though it looks amazing on my skintone.
Felony – a bright yellow lipstick because for £1, why not?
Finally, I bought one of the permanent collection lipsticks in Nude just because I was curious.

I think the Scandalous collection should be permanent and maybe Makeup Revolution can add more not-so-standard colours to the collection. It’s so annoying when every brand sells the same thing!

I then went for an Awesome Metals Foil Finish metallic eyeshadow in Magnificent Copper which should create a bold copper colour on my lids once I have mixed up the formula in the provided mixing tray. I haven’t seen anything like this before so I thought it would be fun to try out. I chose Magnificent Copper as I wanted something that would stand out but it also had to be wearable, as wearable as bright metallic eyelids can be!

Now on to the eye palettes. Realistically I wanted to try them all. I know they have been compared with the Urban Decay Naked palettes but I have not used these (yet) so I chose something a little different. First I chose the Awesome Eyeshadow and Eyebrow Palette in Disappear til tomorrow as it has a good selection of golden brown neutrals shades in matte and shimmer, plus some darker shades for a smoky eye and two shades for brows. I figured this would be a good one to start me off with. The colour segments are smaller than I thought they would be which is a little disappointing but I am pleased with the 14 eyeshadow colours – they are exactly what I wanted. The palette comes with a mini angled liner brush and a mini sponge applicator.

The second palette is the Redemption Matte Brights palette which is bigger than I thought it would be! I bought this mainly because it has a matte grey strip and I really like grey eyeshadow, as well as mega bright colours. I plan to have a lot of fun with this one!

This is a budget brand so the packaging is not very good quality. It feels a bit flimsy but for £4 per palette and £1 per lipstick, I can’t really complain. I know where to go if I want fancy packaging and the more I get to know about make-up, the less I am happy to pay just because the packaging is nice. For me, the main thing is that the product has to perform.

I also received some free gifts with this order, an Easter present from Makeup Revolution. I love it when brands do this.

I received:

Pure Pigments loose eyeshadow/eye dust in Cautious, a gold colour and Levity which is lilac. I don’t normally choose loose powders as I tend to get into a mess but I’m happy to try these now I have them!

Kajal which I almost bought so I’m glad I received it!

Nail polish in Cool Days, a spring mint green.

Thanks Makeup Revolution!

My First Makeup Revolution Spree Free Gifts
My First Makeup Revolution Spree Free Gifts