Diversity in Beauty and Fashion 2016

diversity black indian asian models elle magazine

Last year in December I went through a year’s worth of magazines that I had bought to catch up on my reading to recap on the trends and to seek inspiration.

One thing I noticed was that towards the end of 2015 and into 2016 there was a real effort to be more diverse in fashion and beauty. There were more darker-skinned beauties on the catwalks, in fashion and beauty features and in advertisements in most of the magazines. There were even diversity features in themselves.

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Off-Topic: 2016-2017 Autumn/Winter Fashion Trends

tashas face stylist live fashion show catwalk finale

You might already know that I went to Stylist Live twice this year, once as a standard ticket holder and again as a VIP.  That meant I got to see my favourite part twice – the catwalk show.  Yes, I know a couple of months have passed since Stylist Live 2016 but that has just given me the opportunity to see how Stylist curated their show against what the magazines say the trends are. I’m happy to say that my favourites are still featuring in current editions of magazines!

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Christmas Giveaway 2016

Tashas Face Christmas Beauty Giveaway

There are several things I like about this time of year and that includes the gift-giving.  I just like picking out presents for people and imagining how pleased they will be when they open it up.

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*Afro Hair & Beauty Live 2016 Haul

afro hair and beauty live 2016
I came home with all of this

You’ve seen my makeover, fashion show, and product pictures and videos from the Afro Hair and Beauty Live 2016 show so here’s what I picked up. You didn’t think I would leave empty handed did you?

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Afro Hair & Beauty Live Show 2016

The Afro Hair and Beauty Live 2016 Show
The Afro Hair and Beauty Live 2016 Show Guide

This year I attended the Afro Hair & Beauty Live Show 2016.  The show has been running for 35 years!  It always features lots of hair and beauty products with live entertainment throughout on the main stage and you can attend seminars, all included in the price on the ticket. For the stage shows and seminars, it’s a matter of first come first served- no prior booking required.

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The Bel Age Anti-Ageing Health and Beauty Show 2016: More about the talks

bel age anti ageing show doterra immortelle blend essential oil
doTERRA Immortelle anti-ageing blend – you can see the oil on my hand where I have been testing products!

Well, I did say that the talks were my favourite part of the Bel Age Anti-Ageing Show! Here’s a bit more about them.

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The Bel Age Anti-Ageing Show: What to expect and getting the most out of it

Bel Age Anti-Ageing Show 2016 Programme
Bel Age Anti-Ageing Show 2016 Programme

The annual Bel Age Anti-Ageing Health and Beauty Show in association with the Harley Street Clinic was held on 14-15 May this year.  I had never been before so when I spotted the opportunity to receive a complimentary ticket from Thirty Plus, I did a quick spot of research then registered my ticket.

As you would expect, there were stands dedicated to turning back the clock by using various methods ranging from skincare to cosmetic surgery and everything in between. It’s a one-stop shop to learning how to look and feel like the person you want to be and then to take steps to do so if you wish.

In the past I hadn’t attended because I thought it would be all about cosmetic surgery and anti-wrinkle cream. I’m also not comfortable with the phrase “anti-ageing”. We all get older and I personally don’t have a problem with that. I just want to look the best I can for my age and grow old healthily.  I think that if I look after my insides, it will show on the outside.  Having said that, I wouldn’t rule out cosmetic surgery or other less invasive procedures for a bit of a boost. It’s there when I’m ready for it.

The good news is I learned a lot! I knew I wanted to attend some talks to learn how I could improve my general health and visit the Lancôme stand for some day cream.  Other than that I was just going to see what caught my eye.

What to expect

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All my posts are now on tashasface.com!


I started tashasface.com to blog about having fun with makeup and to share with others the makeup that worked for me so that they could decide what would work for them too.

I then decided to write about skin, hair and nails but as they were not intended to be as creative, I set up separate blogs.   Running 4 separate blogs is actually quite difficult.  Not only could I not put in the time needed, throughout my years of blogging I have realised that sometimes you just can’t easily separate out the different beauty products.  For example, if I receive a beauty box or event goodie bag, I’d have to do up to 4 separate posts on the same thing. That’s a lot when I could be producing 4 pieces of different content.

I’ve imported all of the posts from my other blogs into tashasface.com so everything is now in one place.

I hope you like the change – comment below and let me know what you think!