Beauty Box

Playtime with my December Beauty Cocoon Box

Playtime is more fun when you see it in action so here is my video of me trying all of the products for the first time from my December 2017 Beauty Cocoon Box!

That was my last Beauty Cocoon Box as I have a lot of other makeup to get through. Also, the box isn’t quite what it says it is (for example, it says it’s a luxury box but there was an MUA Makeup Academy eye pencil in the last box!) which is a little annoying. Anyway, as always, here are some pics:

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Beauty Box

Beauty Cocoon Box First Impressions October 2017

Hey, so I filmed a video! I did it a few weeks ago but have only just been able to edit it. It thought I’d try something new by giving my first impressions of a new beauty box for women of colour called “Beauty Cocoon Box”.

There are two boxes to choose from: a beauty box which is makeup and makeup tools costing Β£21 (not Β£20 as I said in the vid) and a skincare box which costs Β£25. I went for the makeup box obviously!

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