#TBT Black & South-Asian model spotting in magazine features in 2016 Part 2

Hopefully you’ve read my earlier post on this, “#TBT Black model spotting in magazine features in 2016 Part 1“. If not, take a look!

#TBT Black & South-Asian model spotting in magazine features in 2016 Part 2

I like it when magazines try to acknowledge the diversity of their readership and communicate that diversity is beautiful.  In this continuation I’ll be looking at Vogue Magazine and Harper’s Bazaar (UK editions) which are all magazines I subscribe to.

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#TBT Black and South Asian model-spotting in magazine features in 2016 Part 1

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In this Throwback Thursday post, I take a look at how black models featured in print in 2016. In short, it is clear to me that progress is being made, in some magazines more so than in others.

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Beauty Box

Beauty Cocoon Box First Impressions October 2017

Hey, so I filmed a video! I did it a few weeks ago but have only just been able to edit it. It thought I’d try something new by giving my first impressions of a new beauty box for women of colour called “Beauty Cocoon Box”.

There are two boxes to choose from: a beauty box which is makeup and makeup tools costing £21 (not £20 as I said in the vid) and a skincare box which costs £25. I went for the makeup box obviously!

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Lancôme Grandiose Mascara vs L’Oréal Telescopic Extra-Black/Carbon Black Mascara

Lancôme Grandiose Mascara
Lancôme Grandiose Mascara and L’Oréal Telescopic Mascara

I started my blog as a creative outlet but somehow ended up doing reviews at the expense of creativity, probably because getting creative is so time consuming! I’ve decided that I would try a different approach to my reviews so let me know if you like it.

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Signs of ageing: What does this mean?

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I decided to write this post after becoming fed up with being told we need to fight the “signs of aging”. Skin is meant to age, just as the rest of our body does, but it seems this is not allowed.

The real trigger point was a Sunday Times Style magazine article (28th Nay 2017) called “Is your screen killing your skin?” by Claire Coleman. The first paragraph ended with “But if the prospect of a sleepless night isn’t enough to have you powering down, would the news that this type of light could also be prematurely ageing your skin have you reaching for the off button?”

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Beauty Blogger Box Swap with Sarah Fynn

tasha's face sarah fynn makeup skincare

Sarah Fynn asked me if I wanted to do a blogger box swap. It seemed like fun so I said yes!

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Facebook February on tashasface.com

tasha's face facebook february live

I have declared that this February is “Facebook February”. I was late in setting up my Facebook page, “Tasha’s Face Beauty Blog“, not least because it was just awkward to set up and I couldn’t decide which category to put page in. My content is across several social media platforms but I haven’t been making full use of Facebook.

This month, I want to show Facebook some love. I don’t want to duplicate what I put on my blog or on other platforms. I want to do more. You can already see all of my blog and Instagram posts on it but I want to:

  • Do status updates
  • Share blog posts I’ve written for Brown Beauty Talk
  • Share any blog posts I write for other people
  • Do Facebook Live broadcasts, both planned and impromptu
  • Share posts by other people which I like and think you would like

How does that sound?

I will do a regular Facebook Live chat every Tuesday between 2030 and 2130 GMT except the 28th when I am hoping I’ll be at Keziah Connections so I can broadcast the event (WiFi permitting).

In the first Facebook Live chat on Tuesday 7th February, I’ll be discussing the new-look Glamour Magazine. It promises more beauty and fashion so let’s put that to the test! See you there!




Curly-girls and brown-skinned beauties: why it’s important to see us in magazines

diversity beauty makeup harper's bazaar vogue afro curly hair black model

In this post I’ll be commenting on three magazine editions covering fashion and beauty. Some of the looks will be going into my neglected beauty scrapbook. I need a new one and these images would be perfect to start it off.

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