Disclosure and PR

To PRs/brands/busniesses

This is a PR friendly blog!  I will review suitable products and post and honest reviews for my readers’ information and entertainment. If you would like me to share your products with my readers and followers, please feel free to contact me so we can discuss whether the product is suitable for this blog, by using the contact form.

If you would like me to write for your brand, blog or business, again please contact me using the contact form. I love writing about beauty and who knows, we could make a great team!

To my followers and readers:

Nearly all of the products I mention on my blog are purchased by me. Sometimes I might be lucky enough to receive gifts from friends and relatives or as gifts with purchases.  If I’m even luckier I might win a competition.

Every now and again I might receive samples of products from businesses to try, and I will review these products in the same way as all others – honestly from forming my own opinion after use.

The links I provide in my posts are not affiliate links. I do not receive payment for links you click on. I provide the links in my posts to assist your reading.

If I am ever paid to produce a blog post on this blog, I will clearly mark it as “sp” with an asterisk (*) and you will still receive my honest opinion as honesty and integrity are important to me and I am sure they are important to you as my readers and followers.

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