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Playtime with my December Beauty Cocoon Box

Playtime is more fun when you see it in action so here is my video of me trying all of the products for the first time from my December 2017 Beauty Cocoon Box!

That was my last Beauty Cocoon Box as I have a lot of other makeup to get through. Also, the box isn’t quite what it says it is (for example, it says it’s a luxury box but there was an MUA Makeup Academy eye pencil in the last box!) which is a little annoying. Anyway, as always, here are some pics:

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Beauty Cocoon Box November 2017 First Impressions

My first impressions of the second Beauty Cocoon Box, the November edition, is now on YouTube!

As a little spoiler, I like it more than the launch box! Here are some product photos:

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Beauty Cocoon Box First Impressions October 2017

Hey, so I filmed a video! I did it a few weeks ago but have only just been able to edit it. It thought I’d try something new by giving my first impressions of a new beauty box for women of colour called “Beauty Cocoon Box”.

There are two boxes to choose from: a beauty box which is makeup and makeup tools costing £21 (not £20 as I said in the vid) and a skincare box which costs £25. I went for the makeup box obviously!

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My First Love Me Beauty “Box”

Love Me Beauty
Love Me Beauty

When I received a voucher code in one of the various magazines I subscribe to (can’t remember which one), I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to try a Love Me Beauty box.

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GlowwBox: the KeraCare Limited Edition

GlowwBox: the KeraCare Limited Edition
GlowwBox: the KeraCare Limited Edition
GlowwBox: the KeraCare Limited Edition
GlowwBox: the KeraCare Limited Edition

*I am the editor for GlowwBox

I don’t usually write about beauty boxes because they tend to contain a mixture of hair, skin and make-up products. This one, however, is all about hair. I am the editor for GlowwBox so I did think long and hard about telling you about this box. So long in fact, the last day to buy it is today (4th December)!

I decided that I will quickly share my thoughts with you as I really liked the products. An essential part of being the editor is to test all of the products.

The salon scent which is present in all of the products brought back happy teenage memories. I remember walking into a high street black hair shop and asking what I could use to protect my hair from the heat from my first pair of proper straighteners. I was directed to the KeraCare section. I was advised to pick up Silken Seal Liquid Sheen and Essential Oils for the Hair. At the time I thought it was expensive but now looking at what I spend on haircare, it’s quite reasonably priced.

The products come in gorgeous gold packaging with numbers so we know which stage to use them. There is also a little indicator of “W”, “D” or “D/W” which tells me if I should use the product on wet hair, dry hair or both. This is useful as sometimes it is a little hard to tell when and how to use products.

KeraCare is aimed at multi-textured hair. I’ll leave it up to you to decide if that’s you! I know I have lots of curls and waves coming from my scalp so I know KeraCare will work for me. Here’s a little about each individual product otherwise you can read what I think in the magazine and on the GlowwBox blog

Hydrating Detangling Shampoo (full size)
This version is sulphate free. This is my first encounter of using a sulphate free shampoo and I really liked it. It was very cleansing but still felt gentle – it didn’t irritate my sensitive scalp at all. It also said what it said it would do- it detangled.

Humecto Crème Conditioner (full size)
This incredibly rich conditioner continues the detangling process, which is great for curly hair. It says to leave on for 15-20 minutes but for my fine, curly hair, I didn’t need to leave it on for that long to get good results. Five minutes was enough if I was in a rush. The full 15 minutes was fine also, leaving my hair soft, shiny and light.

We then get 4 styling products, the stage 3 products.

Crème Press (full size)
This is usually not something I would think about using but it really did help me get poker straight, smooth hair using my straighteners. I don’t usually know what to use in my hair when using straighteners but this will now be the product I go to. I only needed the absolute tiniest amount for my fine hair so it will last me a very long time. That, and it protects against damage from the heat of the straighteners.

Essential Oils for the Hair (sachet)
I still love this product. This is a blend of hair oils which sinks right into the hair so it doesn’t feel greasy. I love it as much now as I did when I was a teenager for its nourishing and protecting properties. I think this will always be a favourite.

High Sheen Glossifier (sachet)
I love glossfiers. They’re great for adding ultra-high shine and this delivers. It’s very rich so only the tiniest amount is needed. I found this worked great for me as a finishing touch after blow-drying to seal in and control the ends of the hair. I used the excess on my hands to smooth through the rest of my hair. I want all of it to shine!

Silken Seal (deluxe sample)
This is different to the Silken Seal Liquid Sheen I used as a teenager. The Liquid Sheen is a spray whereas this is a viscous liquid. This is a blow-drying complex which you can use on wet or dry hair to protect against heat styling. It’s also good for just nourishing and styling the hair in general. I love this multi-tasker and even though it is a deluxe sample size, I know it will last me ages as I only need to use it sparingly. This could be the star of the box.

Overall, when I was testing these products I felt good, my curls and scalp were happy and I received loads of compliments. There has to be something right about this box then! You can even enjoy the magazine where you can read my first ever editor’s note which was particular exciting for me. More than just a leaflet telling you what’s inside the box, there are also a couple of features and some special offers too.

If you want to try it, today is the last day you can order it. You can sign up to GlowwBox at and get your first box for £5.95 including postage and packaging (in the UK, usually £18.95) using code “TASHA“. My discount makes it incredibly good value. If you do get it, I would love to know what you think.

*I am the editor for GlowwBox. The link to the website is not an affiliate link however if you do use my discount code, I will receive commission (this will be at no cost to you).Despite this, I have given my true, honest opinion. I genuinely believe that you, my readers, would like to know just how much I loved testing and using the products in the box.


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My Chocobelle Box – First Impressions

My Chocobelle Box - First Impressions
My Chocobelle Box – First Impressions

Although I am still on a beauty spending ban, I managed to get hold of the first My Chocobelle box by begging my husband to buy it for me. It’s ridiculous right? Well, now I have it!

I saw the postman approach my house but I couldn’t see a box shaped parcel in his hand so I was a little disappointed. This was only heightened when he knocked on the door and handed me a parcel in a purple bag which still didn’t look like a beauty box.

When I opened up the envelope, inside was a gold cardboard gift box tied with pink ribbon and a gold glitter handwritten tag saying “Hello lovely We hope you love & enjoy this months box MCB x”. This explained everything! The mystery package was the My Chocobelle Box. Also inside the bag was a set of Curvy Ardell lashes. I was just about to throw the purple envelope away when I felt something else. I thought it might be a guide to the products but I was a postcard giving 35% at C.A.K.E Cosmetics. Now that’s a nice surprise!

My Chocobelle Box - First Impressions - outside the box
My Chocobelle Box – First Impressions – outside the box

Inside the box were five further beauty items plus two little chocolates. I received:

  • Halo Eye Make-up Remover Pads
  • Simple Kind to Skin Hydrating Light Moisturiser
  • Kiko Make Up Milano Nail Lacquer in 379 Eggplant
  • Bella Pierre Cosmetics Shimmer Powder in Champagne
  • Bella Pierre Cosmetics Shimmer Powder in Bronze
My Chocobelle Box - First Impressions - inside the box
My Chocobelle Box – First Impressions – inside the box

I would say that’s a nice little mix of make-up, skincare and nail care, however I would prefer that everything fits in the box – I almost threw my discount away!

My Chocobelle Box - First Impressions Bella Pierre up close
My Chocobelle Box – First Impressions Bella Pierre up close
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Givenchy Face

Givenchy Prisime Quatour in No1 Caresse
Givenchy Prisime Quatour in No1 Caresse

I put together this look following my Givenchy make-up lesson using a combination of products from the Givenchy Iconic Products beauty box – the British Beauty Blogger Edit, products purchased from my make-up lesson and samples provided from my make-up lesson.


After cleansing my face with Givenchy Skin Drink and moisturising with Givenchy Velvet Luminescence Moisturising Cream I applied a light layer of Teint Couture Foundation in shade No8 using my Real Techniques expert face brush. I dabbed a little onto the back of my hand, dabbed the brush into the foundation then buffed the foundation onto my face using circular motions. I then placed some Givenchy Mister Light in shade No5 on the back of my hand and mixed this with some of the foundation. I applied this to the areas I wanted to highlight and lighten – my cupids bow, under my eyes up to my temples and underneath my eyebrows, using my Real Techniques pointed foundation brush. I applied the same mixture right up to my lower lash line using my Real Techniques detailer brush. Finally I applied a little blusher using my Real Techniques blush brush – No7 Natural Blush Tint Powder in Coral Flush.



For my eyes, I used a sample of the Givenchy Prisime Quatour in No1 Caresse. First I applied the light peach shimmer shade all over my lids up to my brows using my Real Techniques angled shadow brush. I the applied the pink colour to my lids using my Real Techniques base shadow brush. I applied the lighter brown shade to the crease and blended it out for a subtle smoke effect using my Real Techniques essential crease brush. I then lined the upper and lower lash-line with the dark brown shade using my Real Techniques eyeliner brush to add some definition and depth to the appearance of my eyelashes.

I applied one coat of Givenchy Phenomen’Eyes mascara in No1 Deep Black to my top and bottom lashes (I’ll post later how best to do this). To brighten my waterline I applied Bourjois Contour Clubbing Waterproof eye pencil in 60 taupe of the top. I finished by defining my brows with L’Oreal Brow Artist Shaper pencil in 04 Dark Brunette, first filling in my brows using the pencil, neatening with the brush and setting with the wax.

Givenchy Prisime Quatour in No1 Caresse
Givenchy Prisime Quatour in No1 Caresse


I applied Givenchy Le Rouge Lipstick in 202 Rose Dressing using my Real Techniques retractable lip brush. I used the lip brush because I did not have a matching lip liner and it was easier to get a defined line with the brush. I blotted the lip colour then repeated the process.

Givenchy Le Rouge Lipstick in 202 Rose Dressing
Givenchy Le Rouge Lipstick in 202 Rose Dressing
Full Face
Full Face

The British Beauty Blogger Givenchy beauty box was the perfect introduction to the brand and I enjoyed applying the make-up. I also bought the Givenchy Color Kajal in No3 – a gorgeous violet colour. I’ll show you that in another post.

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Popband vs Invisibobble

Popband Invisibobble Popband
Popband Invisibobble Popband

From some recent beauty box purchases, I have received and tried two different types of hair tie: the Popband and the Invisibobble.


I have seen the Invisibobble on several blogs and was almost tempted by the fact it claims to hold hair securely without leaving an indentation. I received a box of three yellow Invisibobbles in my British Beauty Blogger Dream Box II and it was one of the reasons I bought the box.

I was initially put off trying the Invisibobble it by two things – the price (£3.75 for three) and the telephone cord construction. Yes, I know the telephone cord construction is what makes the Invisibobble a dent free hair tie but here is my problem. You may remember when telephones had telephone cords. I do, and I remember getting my curly hair caught in the telephone cord. The detangling process was not a nice experience!

Thanks to that memory, I have not fully tried the Invisibobble on my curls. I have placed the Invisibobble on my curls for a loose hold but I did not twist it. When my hair is curly, it’s not possible to tell when it is dented although I will say that without twisting the Invisbobble, it has a very light hold.

I did twist the Invisibobble when I straightened my hair. The hold was not as tight as I would have liked and due to the telephone cord shape, I couldn’t get my hair perfectly smooth. The good thing is, as promised, I did not have a kink in my hair after I took the Invisibobble out.

Popband London

When I first read about Popbands, again there were two things that discouraged me from buying them. The first is that the Popband looks like elasticated ribbon tied at the end – why would I pay for something seemingly so simple? Surely I could make it myself! The second reason is that I didn’t see them in the shops and I had no idea how to get hold of any Popbands. One of the reasons I bought the Latest in Beauty Glamour Beauty Edit Party Edition was so I could try the Popbands.

Popbands also claim to keep hair firmly in place without denting the hair. I haven’t tried the Popbands on straightened hair but I have worn them while my hair is curly.

I think the Popbands are pretty. They feel like they are good for my hair whilst having a nice firm hold – it felt much more secure than the Invisibobble.

I’m not sure if the Popbands will dent my hair when straightened – it couldn’t tell with my curls. I noticed that after a couple of wears the gold houndstooth pattern started to deteriorate which is not great when you usually have to pay £8 for a pack of 5.


Out of the two products, the Popbands win! The absence of fear means I’m more likely to buy a pack of plain Popbands and wear them for everyday casual styles when my hair is both curly and straight.