Blank canvas
Blank canvas

About me

Medium brown/golden caramel/dark olive skin. Milk chocolate freckles. Onyx eyelashes and eyebrows. Brown-black curly hair. Pink lips defined by a mauve outline. Increasingly rosy cheeks. Dry/oily combination skin. Short, non-exisitent nails!

My contrasting features are definitely a blessing when it comes to going without make-up. Great for beach holidays but for every day and going out, I like to even out the tones, emphasise my features and have fun – sometimes all at the same time!

Sometimes it is difficult to find premium and non-premium make up to suit my skin tone .  The make-up might be too dark, too red, to pale or make me look grey.  Make-up is available for the each end of the tonal scale but not for us in the middle but I do appreciate that some brands are changing this.  As a result, I have been through a lot of trial and error!


About this blog

My aim is to inspire!

I just want to share a few ideas, tips and tricks with you – I love picking up tips from magazines, TV, beauty counters, friends and observing women who apply make-up on public transport (yes, if I’m staring I’m not being judgmental – I’m learning!) so why not share my favourites with you?  Some looks will be very quick (because I’m always short of time) and others will be more creative and take longer to do.  It’s all about having fun and feeling good whilst doing so!

This blog shares looks I have created, looks I have been taught and looks I have copied and adjusted to suit my skin tone.  I’ll also share with you product reviews and pieces I have written about beauty in general.

Here are a few pages from my beauty scrapbook – if I find a product or look I like in a magazine, I tear it out and keep it for future inspiration.

A few pages from my beauty scrapbook
A few pages from my beauty scrapbook

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