I had my first Hydrafacial at ESHO clinic on London’s Harley Street. I had never heard of one before but it seemed like something that could benefit my neglected and parched skin. Other than dry skin, until I had the facial I didn’t think I had any real facial skincare concerns.

The ESHO Advanced Hydrafacial will be part of the new Skin Lab menu launching in February 2019. ESHO Clinic was offering them for £100 ahead of the launch. From then, they will cost £150 per treatment.

I received a friendly welcome from Annice who immediately put me at ease. She spoke to me about my skin concerns (dryness) and then explained the process to me.

First Annice cleansed my skin to get rid of products and any surface dirt. She then used the Hydrafacial machine for lymphatic drainage, exfoliation and deep cleansing, brightening, extraction and hydration (including wrinkle plumping). My skin was then treated using LED light and finally Annice applied SPF.

The process was not painful (thank goodness!). There was strong suction and I felt the l the products being infused. It more like a varied series of cold prickles or tingles.

Annice explained what she was doing throughout and answered all of my questions.

The result was very clean looking and feeling skin. My skin also looked smoother. My skin felt cool and refreshed, as if there were a series of fresh springs beneath the surface rather than blood vessels and muscles etc! There was some redness on my cheekbones which faced within two days and was easily covered with concealer in the meantime.

Immediately after the treatment I knew my face looked better but I couldn’t quite pinpoint it. My husband said my skin colour looked good so I guess all of that hydration and stimulation helped a healthy and more even colour return to the surface of my skin. The next day I figured it out. The fine lines around my mouth and nose (the smile lines) had been noticeably reduced. I now have an actual skin concern – fine lines and wrinkles. Oh no!

After the appointment I was emailed details of a three-step morning and evening home care regime containing a resurfacing cleanser, active formulas and a cream to seal it all in and provide hydration. It would be £135 (which would usually retail at £150) for a three month supply which I think is reasonable for 4 products.

I think the ESHO Advanced Hydrafacial would be good just before an event or photoshoot due to the effect it had on my fine lines. As my skin is quite smooth anyway, this is just the right kind of treatment for me. Other than a gentle acid peel, I don’t think I need anything more at this stage. Anyway, with regards to the Hydrafacial, I’m hooked! I plan to get more. Let me know if you’ve had one and what you think about it in the comments below!

Edit: I forgot to say that I was advised to undergo this treatment every 4-6 weeks.



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