Aveda Invati Range (original)

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I tried the original Aveda Invati Range because I have fine hair and this range is aimed at thinning hair. It claims to “help keep the hair you have for longer” by reducing hair loss.

Aveda Invati Range (original)

The Exfoliating Shampoo is a good idea as we exfoliate our skin so why not our scalp? It’s not a new concept to me as I have used scalp exfoliators before but as a separate product. Also, I believe a healthy scalp is needed to get healthy hair.

The shampoo made my shower smell like a kitchen. Yes, when I wash my hair with it, I cannot help but think about dhal! That would be because it contains turmeric root extract. It also contains ginseng root extract and rosemary leaf extract. It has a very thin texture, almost like water, so I feel like I have to use a lot of product to get it to my scalp. It leaves my hair feeling rough so conditioner is essential.

The Thickening Conditioner has a sweeter smell although it contains the same food ingredients. It makes my hair feel better although it ended up being squeaky clean and I don’t think hair should squeak like clean dishes (anyone remember those adverts?). I didn’t notice any thickening in particular but didn’t expect to, especially on wet hair.

The final product in the regime is the Scalp Revitaliser spray. You are supposed to use it twice per day, directly on the scalp on either dry or damp hair. 16 pumps gives the required dose and then you massage it in. It says you might feel a warming or tingling sensation. There is a sensation – cooling on application then warming on massage. I don’t mind because it is not irritating to my scalp, which is the main thing. I’m not sure how it is supposed to work other than encourage you to massage your scalp which is said to stimulate hair growth. The scent is gentle and refreshing.

I can’t actually decide whether I like this range. I don’t like how the shampoo makes my hair feel. The conditioner is ok. The Scalp Revitaliser is a good idea but I really don’t have time to massage my scalp twice per day so I can’t give the product a fair chance. My hair is thinning so it could do with some help so I’m torn!

Having said that, I have just read on the website that the formula for the shampoo has changed and has been renamed to Invati Advanced. Some people love it and others hate it! I think I should give it another try. Perhaps the newer formula will be better for me. I could then do a comparison post! Have you tried the original or the advanced range? Which do you prefer? Comment below!

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