Tashas face Tasha's FaceHoliday Hair: Bouclème Travel Kit Curls

Holiday Hair: Bouclème Travel Kit Curls

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I purchased the Bouclème Travel Kit Curls because I was going on a couple of short breaks and wanted to bring minimal products with me. They were my first holidays abroad with my son so he was the priority! This kit seemed like it could work because it is aimed at curly hair and had the cleanser, conditioner and styling product however I took a bit of a risk because I was advised to use the blue Hydrating Hair Cleanser rather than the green Curl Cleanser. Unfortunately, this was not available at the time in a trio, only in the complete discovery set and I didn’t want all of the products.

Tashas face Tasha's FaceHoliday Hair: Bouclème Travel Kit Curls

The kit contained 100ml bottles and came in a clear wash bag. The products do not contain parabens, sulphates or silicones.

The Curl Cleanser does not lather which is a strange sensation for me! I am used to working up a lather so I used lots of product. The directions for use also say to use a generous amount. My hair felt cleaner after use but not as clean as I wanted it to be. I think I needed something more, especially as there would have been lots of sand in the air which would have landed in my hair (I went to Dubai). The scent was fresh and sweet but I’m personally not a fan, although I now associate the smell with a great holiday so it’s not all bad! There are lots of essential oils but I am no good at identifying which ones might have contributed to what I could smell.

The Curl Conditioner did not smell as strong and did what I expected it to do – it left my hair feeling a little smoother and hydrated and curly-looking. As I have fine hair, I rinsed it out but if your hair is thicker you can leave it in. On some washes I dried my hair with a towel and put a little back onto the ends of my hair (as advised) but most of the time I forgot!

The Curl Defining Gel was my favourite product in terms of performance. It has a strong scent like the shampoo but it’s a tad more herby. This works best when applied to very wet hair (in my case). Despite being called a gel, my curls were left very bouncy and soft and the gel held my style well. As hoped, there was no need for further styling products or serums.

Now that I can get the blue Hydrating Curl Cleanser in 100ml in a duo (Bouclème Waves Duo Set), I’ll try that before I draw my final conclusions on whether Bouclème will be a brand that permanently lives in my bathroom but overall, if you have the right hair type for this trio, I think you should give it a try!

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