Pregnancy has made me very tired so I have struggled to keep up a good skincare regime. That and pregnancy seems to make my skin much drier than usual, no matter how much water I drink. I therefore tried the Gold Collagen Hydrogel Mask which I think I received in a goodie bag after an event!

Gold Collagen hydrogel mask tasha's face review


As with all masks, it claimed to perfectly fit my facial contours. The fit was good but not perfect! The mask comes in two parts – upper face and lower face so it’s best to take one piece out at a time (top first) otherwise you get into a wet mess. There is a piece of rigid film which I removed first then I removed the flexible film and placed the mask on my face. There was a gap between the two pieces and around my top lip so I squeezed out the serum that was left in the packet and applied it in the gaps and onto my neck.

On application, the mask was cooling as claimed and then warmed up. There was no tingling. The mask contains hyaluronic acid and glycerine which are ingredients my dry skin needs! The packet says to leave on for 30 minutes, a time which must not be exceeded but the website says 20-40 minutes. I left it on for 30 minutes and got on with other things. It didn’t slip very much so I wasn’t confined to the sofa or my bed which was good. On removal, my skin also felt cool. I massaged in the remaining serum as directed by the packet but the website says the “excess moisture will be absorbed”.

My skin felt hydrated and refreshed and looked healthier. The website claims the mask will improve skin texture and radiance and give health looking and hydrated skin. Well, that wasn’t difficult as my skin was so parched and dull-looking to begin with!

I think use of this mask once per week is fine as the hydration seemed to continue for the next few days. I say seem as of course I still use moisturiser and eye cream daily. The mask is good to give those items a boost.

The website says that 4 Gold Collagen Hydrogel Masks cost £19.99 which means each mask is about £5. That’s not too bad, considering the mask did what I expected and wanted. The website claims the masks work better with the Gold Collagen beauty supplement but I’m not going to worry about that! I would consider buying a pack of masks.

UPDATE 16.10.2018: The effects seemed to last a week so I would agree with £19.99 for one month’s supply.

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