Boots Ingredients Rooibos Sheet Mask

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Would you believe I have a mask drawer? Have a variety of mask types, mainly for hydration but I think I have a mask for every skin scenario! I love sheet masks as I find them especially good for my dry skin.

Boots Ingredients Rooibos Sheet Mask Tasha's Face energising and revitalising

The Boots Rooibos sheet mask promises to be “energising & revitalising” and my dry skin does need extra help revitalising. The question is, would extra hydration with a simple hyaluronic mask be enough or do I need the extra boost from the rooibos? Let’s face it, “energising & revitalising” is quite vague!


“Rooibos” means red bush and you might have heard of it from the tea. I drink rooibos tea because it doesn’t have caffeine and I don’t put milk in my tea. You can also get different flavours. I have to say, my love of the tea partly persuaded me to buy this mask.


Instructions are to cleanse, apply, relax for 15 minutes then massage in the excess.


The mask itself was soft and easy to apply and it stayed securely on my face. It was a good fit but was quite close to my eyes (it says to avoid contact with eyes which was tricky). My poor child couldn’t figure out what happened to his mummy. He didn’t know whether to laugh or run away!


The mask looked a little yellow but I think (and hope) that was because of the “red bush”.


The pack says the colour may vary due to the natural ingredients. Depending on what you would call natural, I recognise water, glycerin, grapefruit extract, and orange flower extract. It contains added fragrance. Other ingredients are in the photo and “aspalathus linearis extract” is the red bush ingredient.

Boots Ingredients Rooibos Sheet Mask Tasha's Face energising and revitalising

The mask felt cooling on my face to the extent of being a little chilly but it was tolerable for the 20 minutes I kept in on. Afterwards I massaged the excess into my face and used the serum from the packet on my neck. I didn’t need to moisturise my face with anything else which was a pleasant surprise.


My face had more colour to it once I had removed the mask. I have no idea if the rooibos in there slightly darkened my skin (I’ve never put the tea on my skin before!) or that my skin looked healthier thanks to the hydration boost. Either way, my skin was energised and revitalised, just as promised. The healthy look lasted until I went to bed so not particularly long-lasting. I think this mask is best for a quick boost before going out.


I am intrigued about the colour aspect. Maybe I’ll buy one more to see if it has the same effect. If it does, then the Boots Rooibos sheet mask will probably become a repeat purchase because my complexion becomes so sallow in the winter and I need all the help I can get!


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