How I do the sales and stay calm in 8 steps

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Lancome grandiose mascara smashbox light it up eyes contour lips clinique the iconic red artliner

Some of the best beauty bargains can be found in the Boxing Day sales.  Here’s how I get value for money and stay sane!

  1. Don’t leave the house on Boxing Day! Yes, many deals will go but trust me, there are always some around a few days later.
  2. Research what you want online before going out. Have some idea of what you want and where you can find it so you don’t waste any time.  This also stops you buying unnecessary makeup that wont get used and will just clutter your dressing table.
  3. Set a budget or a money goal.  I say this because I am not that strict with my budget (but it should be easy as you have already done the research at stage 2) but I can decide on what I think is value for money.  For example, I try to find things that are at least 50% off.
  4. Go to the shops in person.  Products sold online go very quickly because it is just so easy.  You’ll experience that whilst doing your research in step 2 above. Put in some physical effort and you will reap the rewards.
  5. Be flexible. You might not find the exact mascara you found online but if you just wanted a mascara (like me), if you are flexible with which brands you go for, you could get a good deal. Also, I tend to buy shades that most people don’t wear for two reasons. 1. my skin tone. 2. I like to play and experiment. It’s a bit like having size 3 feet – you always get the best shoe deals!
  6. Ignore the packaging. You’ll find that some of the best deals are available where the packaging is old or clearly seasonal (e.g. Christmas). The packaging is irrelevant when shopping for yourself, unless it is badly damaged which may indicate that a disrespectful person has exposed the makeup inside, rendering it useless.
  7. Don’t be afraid of the clearance shelf/tray/box. They don’t look pretty but as long as there isn’t smashed makeup all over it, it is definitely worth a browse. You’ll find the limited editions and discontinued lines here.
  8. Don’t buy something just because it is reduced. This is the most important thing to remember. It’s not a bargain if you never wanted it and are never going to use it. I spent about 30 mins pondering whether I should buy two mascaras instead of one. The second option had 2 products (out of the 3) that I really didn’t want so I wouldn’t have been saving any money. That, and the fact I don’t wear mascara very often meant it would have been a waste of money. If I really wanted the mascara, I could buy it on its own at a later date because it would cost the same.


Here’s what I bought when I put all of that into practice:

  • Lancôme Grandiose Lecons de regard gift set: Grandiose mascara, Le Crayon Khol (eyeliner) in 01 Noir and Bi-Facil (non-oily sensitive eyes instant cleanser)
  • Lancôme 24H bold colour precision eyeliner
  • Clinique The Iconic Red giftset: Clinique Pop (lipstick) in 07 Passion Pop, High Impact Mascara in 01 Black and Pretty Easy Liquid Eyelining Pen and 01 Black
  • Smashbox Light It Up 3 Mini Palettes: Eyes, Contour, Lips: Contour palette, Photo Op eyeshadow palette, Be Legendary lipstick palette.

Lancome grandiose mascara smashbox light it up eyes contour lips clinique the iconic red artliner pop passion pop high impact bi facil pretty easy liquid eyeliner pen Photo Op eyeshadow Be Legendary lipstick

What did you pick up? Comment below!




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