Off-Topic: 2016-2017 Autumn/Winter Fashion Trends

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tashas face stylist live fashion show catwalk finale

You might already know that I went to Stylist Live twice this year, once as a standard ticket holder and again as a VIP.  That meant I got to see my favourite part twice – the catwalk show.  Yes, I know a couple of months have passed since Stylist Live 2016 but that has just given me the opportunity to see how Stylist curated their show against what the magazines say the trends are. I’m happy to say that my favourites are still featuring in current editions of magazines!

The first trend was a colour trend based around the warm coloured spices. Stylist called it “Spice World”. I say it just reminds me of the jar of tumeric hanging on the kitchen wall. Although I probably could wear the colours, this was not one of my favourite trends and to this day I still haven’t purchases a spice-inspired item. I have one mustard coloured blouse and that will have to do!

spice tashas face stylist live fashion show spice tashas face stylist live fashion show

Then came the navy coat look. I was hoping this would be military inspired. No, it was just navy-blue coloured coats. I bought a pink coat.

navy coat tashas face stylist live fashion show

navy coat tashas face stylist live fashion show
The Navy Coat

I was excited to see that sports luxe has not gone away. In fact, it looks stronger than ever, with winter being the perfect excuse to buy a puffer jacket.  They look so cosy but I’ve given it a miss this year. I have already lived through the 90s so I would be returning for nostalgic reasons.  I currently do this by wearing MDMFlow lipsticks and listening to Mary J Blige.  I think I laughed out loud when I saw one of the models wearing a Fila jumper. Sorry, that’s just too much 90s sport and not enough “luxe” for my liking. Most of the other looks were right up my street though so I made a mental shopping list, including and Ivy Park top and affordable pieces from Wallis, Marks & Spencer, Lindex, Nike, Next, Zara and New Look.

sport tashas face stylist live fashion show sport tashas face stylist live fashion show

We then came to velvet. I have to put my foot down here. Stylist called it the Velvet Goldmine but I’m not so sure. I just don’t think I can wear it again. When I was a child, I loved velvet because it was so luxurious and magically captivating.  I now look at it and am convinced that it will do nothing but emphasise the parts I’d rather keep hidden. My single nod to the trend: a silver velvet makeup bag from Next that I received in my VIP goodie bag.  Thank you Next and Stylist Magazine for going some way to forcing me out of my comfort zone and putting me on-trend ever-so-slightly! Having said that, I was almost, almost tempted by the Clarendon jacket from the Marks & Spencer’s Archive by Alexa Chung range in that I almost bought it…twice! Alas, it remained on the rack but I do love tailoring so I might just have been able to pull it off. I will just have to admire the velvet trend on those who can get away with it.

velvet tashas face stylist live fashion show velvet tashas face stylist live fashion show

I spotted a few velvet looks in an advertorial from Primark…in Vogue Magazine! I have never seen Primark in there before and was very surprised.  I would say that picking up a few affordable pieces from Primark is a good way to try a trend without wasting too much money if it all goes wrong. That goes for anything, not just velvet.

tashas face stylist live fashion show magazine grazia vogue
Velvet, sportswear and metallics in the magazines

Finally, Stylist saved the best until last and I was almost jumping out of my seat! I would wear every look in the Intergalactic collection if I could. I just loved metallics and to me they work day or night, winter or summer. They are the perfect finishing touch to any outfit.  I think of metallics as an alternative to statement jewellery (which I also love).    All of the clothing was available from the high street and very affordable. I purchased an silver bomber jacket from River Island which was off-list but it was love at first sight.

metal tashas face stylist live fashion show metal tashas face stylist live fashion show

To bring this slightly back on-topic, all of the makeup I managed to pick up from the MAC Star Trek collection is metallic. Makeup is another affordable and non-committal way to try out a trend because if you don’t like it, just wipe it off!

I would love to hear what you thought about this off-topic post so please comment below!




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