Stylist Live 2016: Special offers and must dos and sees

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stylist live 2016 pink and gold sign
Outside the Business Design Centre in Islington

Here’s my quick post on what you must do, must see and the special offers I spotted at Stylist Live 2016.

Urban Decay

Get mini makeover (included in ticket price). You can choose from eyes, lips, contouring or a foundation colour match. The Naked Smoky palette is on offer at a huge 30% off so make sure you snap one up if you don’t have one already. You can also pick up the new Full Spectrum palette which is not going to be released for another three weeks.  A definite must have for Urban Decay junkies and colour lovers.

Liz Earle

Get a 10 minute facial (included in ticket price). Get your name on the list early  – you might have time for a wander before your treatment. Also, sign up for the mailing list at get a free 7-day sample of the iconic Cleanse and Polish with a muslin cloth. If you want to buy products, there’s 10% off.

MDM Flow

Not only can you see lipsticks being made in front of your eyes, if you buy one lip product you get a limited edition semi-matte lipstick for free. You’d be crazy to miss out! The limited edition may even be the one that you saw being made, making it extra special.

WAH Nails

I always keep the press-on nails in my beauty kit. They are on offer at £5 each. I think there was also an offer on the nail polished and nail kits but I don’t really have the time for nail art at the moment. For a small fee you can get your own WAH Nails nail art done.  Tempting, but I like my current nail colour!


I spotted someone getting a facial (not sure if there was a fee) and there was 10% off the products. You also have a chance to win your favourite product by tweeting a photo of it.


I didn’t get my makeup done here but I bumped into someone who had their full face done after their Liz Earle facial.

Little Ondine

There are special offers on certain shades. Some glitter shades are only £5.  Otherwise, you can get one bottle for £9, two for £16 and there’s more money off the more you buy. Time to stock up I think.

The London College of Fashion

Here you can get a voucher for £25 off their courses. They have a selection of makeup artistry courses.

The Dyson Stage and the Stylist Stage

The talks on these stages are non-bookable so make sure you catch some of the talks.  I heard from MDM Flow on the Dyson Stage and afterwards on the Stylist Stage was Melanie C and Shappi Khorsandi! To get a seat, turn up 15 minute before the talk. Don’t worry if you can’t as there is some standing room at the back too.

Pukka Tea

Make sure to stop by and get some samples. I gave myself a boost with the Vitalise powder drink. I just realised I forgot to stock up on tea! Oh no.

Hey Holla

There was a discount on gym gear and a chance to win a free gym class(or was it three?) in Covent Garden.  I entered. I need to get fit!


Jump on the mini-catwalk then play a game to see what you will win. I got a voucher for £10 to spend at Stylist Live but I met two people who won bracelets!


Stop by Magpie on the Run and Coco’s Liberty for gorgeous jewellery and Sarah Baily for sumptuously soft metallic  leather bags and biker jackets.


There is so much more to do and see. Have fun!


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