Hot summer makeup: no foundation no mascara

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Hot summer makeup: no foundation no mascara

No foundation, no mascara makeup will only work for me in a certain set circumstances:

  • I’d look worse with makeup than without because it will all melt off;
  • I have a (fairly) decent skincare routine in place because my skin will be on show;
  • My hair is perfect; and
  • There are no cameras around!

I have no problem leaving the house fresh-faced and makeup-free, as long as you don’t want to take pictures. Whilst I might look fine in the mirror and in everyone else’s eyes, that doesn’t translate through the camera lens unless there is spectacular lighting and perfect angles.

I have to do my brows, because they frame my face, never melt off and don’t need foundation. I just use an angled brush, fill them in with powder such as Bobbi Brown eyeshadow in Mahogany and set with brow gel such as Benefit Ready, Set, BROW! Alternatively, I quite like the Benefit Goof Proof Brown Pencil which I would use alone.

To start the day of I  wear cream blush and bring it with me to touch up but chances are the heat would leave me with naturally rosy cheeks anyway so usually I don’t bother.

When I don’t wear mascara, unless my eyes are particularly sensitive that day, I would wear a long-wear eyeliner on the top lashline to give the illusion of thicker lashes  Of course, eyeliner doesn’t open up your eyes in the same way mascara does but that’s not essential for me. Eye definition is more important.  I like to use the Bobbi-Brown long-wear gel eyeliner in Black Ink, applied with a MAC 209 brush.

Finally, for my lips, I just pop on some gloss or a lipstain.  I prefer gloss because it is non-drying and long lasting.  I like my Fashion Fair Lip Teasers and Iman Cosmetics Luxury Lip Shimmer in Copper Tone for high shine.  For a bit of lip colour I might use a natural coloured lip pencil underneath like Bobbi Brown lip pencil in Cocoa.

As you can see, I can really pare back the makeup on days where I want a low maintenance look. Some days, I just want to feel comfortable.

Would you go out without foundation and mascara?


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