May Keziah Connections with Ronke Adeyemi of Brown Beauty Talk

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keziah connections palmers coconut oil body cream oil lotion
Palmer’s grand prize

It’s Keziah Connections tonight! This evening we’ll be hearing from Irene Moore of Digital Marketing London.

Natalie Clue of Beauty Pulse London set us social media based tasks. We had to meet new people and find out a little about them, including posting group selfies on our own social media and adding them to ours. I didn’t do that well but I did post some photos of people other than me!

keziah connections ronke adeyemi brown beauty talk beauty pulse london natalie clue
Ronke and Nat

Our keynote speaker was Ronke Adeyemi of Brown Beauty Talk. She’s a social media guru so I made sure I was listening very carefully!

Ronke’s top tips with my views:

  • Choose your platforms wisely. You don’t have to be everywhere.
  • Plan . I can definitely see the benefits in planning but I just don’t do it, to my detriment. I need to make a better effort to plan.
  • Be social and get involved with what is trending.  Why not? It is socal media after all!
  • Consistent brand name.  This helps your followers find you easily.
  • Post regularly.  Over time I have learned that this is key. Followers want consistency.
  • Mix up the content across platforms.  I like this tip. It so much more fun this way.
  • Share and retweet. Basically, don’t be selfish. Social media is not all about you!
  • Make constructive comments on posts. This is a sensible and polite way to get yourself noticed.
  • Set a follower target.  I’m not sure about this one.  Quantity matters to brands and new followers are a lovely ego boost but for me, the number of followers is not everything.
  • Post what the audience likes to see. This is important. To achieve this you need to know your audience.

I was also the Keziah Connections grand prize winner again – yay me! I won some lovely Palmer’s body care goodies. I gave the delicious coconut candle to Vicky (Beauty Breaks with Vicky) because lit candles and toddlers are not a good combination!

keziah connections ronke adeyemi brown beauty talk
Me, Ronke and my prize!

Here’s a peek into the life of a blogger – always spotting good photo opportunities!

keziah connections beauty breaks with vicky
Vicky doing the blogger thing!

And here are the lovely Crabtree & Evelyn goodies that everyone received:

keziah connections crabtree and evelyn rose verbena lavender tarocco orange hand cream
Crabtree & Evelyn hand creams

I’m looking forward to tonight. Perhaps see you at the next one?



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