The Bel Age Anti-Ageing Show: What to expect and getting the most out of it

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Bel Age Anti-Ageing Show 2016 Programme
Bel Age Anti-Ageing Show 2016 Programme

The annual Bel Age Anti-Ageing Health and Beauty Show in association with the Harley Street Clinic was held on 14-15 May this year.  I had never been before so when I spotted the opportunity to receive a complimentary ticket from Thirty Plus, I did a quick spot of research then registered my ticket.

As you would expect, there were stands dedicated to turning back the clock by using various methods ranging from skincare to cosmetic surgery and everything in between. It’s a one-stop shop to learning how to look and feel like the person you want to be and then to take steps to do so if you wish.

In the past I hadn’t attended because I thought it would be all about cosmetic surgery and anti-wrinkle cream. I’m also not comfortable with the phrase “anti-ageing”. We all get older and I personally don’t have a problem with that. I just want to look the best I can for my age and grow old healthily.  I think that if I look after my insides, it will show on the outside.  Having said that, I wouldn’t rule out cosmetic surgery or other less invasive procedures for a bit of a boost. It’s there when I’m ready for it.

The good news is I learned a lot! I knew I wanted to attend some talks to learn how I could improve my general health and visit the Lancôme stand for some day cream.  Other than that I was just going to see what caught my eye.

What to expect

I didn’t plan to visit the cosmetic surgery stands because it’s not something I want right now. I did however pop by the Linea Skin Clinic stand to get a skin scan. It was a quick procedure performed over my make-up using what looked like an ultrasound machine. It scanned the surface of the skin as well as underneath where the collagen is. The results were interesting to say the least so I think I want a more in-depth analysis.

If you did want any cosmetic procedures, there were plenty of people available at the different stands to speak to so you could get your questions answered and get a feel for which clinic is right for you.  With any procedure, its best to gather as much information as possible before taking the plunge.  If you didn’t feel ready for one-to-one conversations, 15-minute talks on clinical matters were hosted throughout the day across two stages.

I attended talks on a third stage which focused on beauty and well-being from the inside out.   I chose seminars on nutrition, essentials oils and face yoga!  There was no need to book in advance or pay additional fees and all the stages were open so if you didn’t get a seat, you could stand and listen.  I liked this flexibility and the 15-minute slots gave just enough time to arouse interest where conversations could be continued at the exhibitor’s stands.  The talks were my favourite part of the show!

You could try out beauty products and tools so I had by brows done and my hair curled.  I also saw some people getting their teeth whitened and having massages.  Who doesn’t like a bit of pampering every now and then?

Finally, whether your interest is products or procedures, brands tended to have show-exclusive offers. I took advantage of 10% off at Lancôme and Elemis had incredible offers on their skincare – one day and night cream set which usually retailed for around £170 was only £40! If you were feeling lucky, you could enter competitions to win products and even breast augmentation surgery.

Top tips for getting the most out of the show

  • Prepare in advance.  The exhibitor list and seminar agenda were on the Anti-Ageing Show website and this will help you decide whether to get a one-day or two-day ticket.  Some of the competitions and offers were also on the website. If you have a one-day ticket, prioritise the talks and stands you want to see.
  • Plan your day around the talks.   The exhibitors will be there all day but the talks (this year) are not repeated on the same day.  Don’t miss out!
  • Arrive at the show early to make sure you don’t miss out. This goes for being able to tick off everything on your list, be able to attend the talks and take advantage of the offers which will be in limited supply.
  • Arrive 5 minutes early for the talks.  The seminars are only 15 minutes long and begin promptly. With a 10-minute break between each talk, arrive in good time to get your seat and not miss anything.
  • Come prepared to test products. Attending the show is a great way to discover and play with new products.  Either wear no or minimal products and bring your make-up bag to replace any make-up you have removed.  The backs of my hands were glowing by the time I left with all of the testing of skin-boosting products!
  • Bring a tote bag. You’ll need something to put your samples and brochures in.
  • Speak to the exhibitors. This is one of the best parts about attending the show.  You can really find out a lot about the products and the brand. If it is a small business, the owners tend to attend so you can find out what inspired them and you can really get into the detail.  I love doing this as there are so many products out there it helps me decide whether I want to invest time and money in a particular brand.

I really enjoyed myself this year and learned so much.  See you there next year!

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