The beauty of fragrance: What does this perfume smell like to you?

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Miller Harris eau de parfum perfume
Miller Harris eau de parfum

I’ve gone from no perfume blog posts to two in the space of a month! After writing my initial post about the Keziah Connections event at Miller Harris, I thought it would be fun to create a post showing just how personal fragrance is by sharing with you three views on three perfumes.

Our scent testers are:


Jo, creator of the Patent Purple Life blog, who is a beauty addict, cosmetics hoarder and lover of all things purple!  You can also keep up with her on Twitter/Instagram/YouTube.

Beejay, a designer and illustrator who designs cards and gifts for the fierce and fabulous which can be found on her site at Find her on Twitter/Instagram.

Cassis en Feuille

Miller Harris Cassis en Feuille eau de parfum
Miller Harris Cassis en Feuille eau de parfum

My thoughts:

When I first sprayed Cassis en Feuille, it smelled musky with a berry hint.  I could detect wild green, low shrubbery but I’m useless with naming plants! It made me smell like I’d been out on a long country walk on a warm evening in late summer or early autumn or even like I had been rolling down a grassy hill like a big kid.  If was to keep it in the city, it also reminded me of old cut grass.  It is wild and warming with hints of raw greenery and thorn bushes. It had a calming effect and made me feel happy. It was very subtle so you had to get up close and personal to smell it on me!

Over time it developed into a sweet powdery smell which was more like the start of a sunny summer’s day when the air is full of optimism.

Jo says:

Cassis en Feuille is a fragrance that makes me conflicted.  I am not a huge fan of blackcurrant fragrances although I appreciate the sweet and tart element that Cassis en Feuille provides.  What I love about this fragrance is the heirloom tomato note which manages to be herby, woody and powdery at the same time.  It is so good but that element doesn’t last on my skin as the fragrance dries down so this one is a pass for me.

Beejay says:

This perfume’s initial top notes gives you an earthy deep warmth that takes you to rolling hills of… before revealing it’s subtle layers of  deep rose and musk.  This is one for a ‘night at the opera’.  My artist choice for this perfume would be Mario Nuzzi [an Italian painter of the Baroque period and one of the first Italians to specialise in still life paintings of flowers according to Wikipedia].

Miller Harris says:

“The rambling vines and bountiful fruit of a forgotten garden.”

Coeur de Jardin

Miller Harris Coeur de Jardin eau de parfum
Miller Harris Coeur de Jardin eau de parfum

My thoughts:

Coeur de Jardin smells like flowers! It made me imagine big, happy flowers in pink and yellow with a few roses amongst them. I’m sure I could smell at least 4 flowers which made me think of skipping through a garden in full bloom in the spring or summer wearing a girly, delicate pink dress. I was also slightly fruity – could detect red wine on a cork, honey and Nectar.

It developed into a warm, smooth, spring honey-rose scent . It made me feel hungry!

Jo says:

Coeur de Jardin is a bold, fruity, floral fragrance, opening with pear and peach and then taking you through the bigger hitters of the floral world, rose, jasmine and tuberose.  The epitome of girly pretty feminine charm like the girl in the Cadbury’s flake adverts of my youth.

Beejay says:

Coeur de Jardin eau de parfum immediately brings to mind vibrant colours of an English  garden in full bloom with a warming scent of rose and patchouli, the initial burst of bergamot and lemon transcends you to a sunny day whilst having a decadent tea party with a glass of champagne. This is a favourite  of mine due its warm fresh scent that can accompany throughout the day into the early evening. Being an illustrator if I had to name this after an artist it would be the fabulous Rene Gruau whose art work and illustrations reflect all that Coeur de Jardin has to offer.

Miller Harris says:

“A charming and playful narrative of an eclectic garden in full bloom.”

Poirier d’un Soir

Miller Harris Poirier d'un Soir eau de parfum
Miller Harris Poirier d’un Soir eau de parfum

My thoughts:

This was a very different scent for me as I’m usually drawn to rose-based or other exotic fragrance.

Poirier d’un Soir was warm and fresh with a hint of musk.  It reminded me of cologne. It was a little fruity – I think I could detect white grapes [although I should have been smelling pears – my sense of smell is not great!]. I’m sure I could also smell talc! As with Cassis en Feuille you had to get very close to me to smell it.

Over time this developed into a very ripe fruit scent with black pepper.

Jo says:

Poirier d’un Soir is a delicious gourmand pear fragrance with a twist.  Initially it is the most edible without being sickly sweet, complex yet familiar at the same time like a delicious ripe pear. After 20 minutes on the skin it transforms into a rum infused woody and quite frankly sexy fragrance.  One of my favourites from the Miller Harris range, Poirier d’un Soir is definitely one for the grown-ups!

Beejay says:

This reminds me of a  Moroccan evening amongst fine silk and cashmere with sweet layers and a warm wood undertone followed by a floral splash.  My artist choice is Reem Nazir as her work is all of the above and more.

Miller Harris says:

“Evocative of the warm honeyed blooms that encircle a pear orchard at dusk”

What this tells me is that fragrance is indeed very personal and we will detect scents based on our life experiences.  I think that other people would smell different elements on our skin.   It’s fun to see where we smelled the same things and where we have completely different views.  What do you think? Comment below!

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