*Black|Up Anti-Shine Powder and *Black|Up Kabuki Brush

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Black|Up Anti-Shine Powder and Black|Up Kabuki Brush
Black|Up Anti-Shine Powder and Black|Up Kabuki Brush

I received a Black|Up Anti-Shine Powder and the Black|Up Kabuki Brush and whilst I started using them straight away, I didn’t feel I had enough information to hand to write a useful post because the products had not yet been released.  I didn’t know if the powder came in only one shade or the usual 5 Black|Up families. I now know it comes in 5 shades.

At the time I was really happy because I needed a matifying setting powder. It is very, very fine so leaves the lightest layer on the skin when applied with the Black|Up Kabuki.  The thing that puzzled me that despite it being so fine, I could see it! The shade I received seemed to be my shade (which is 01) but there was no shade label so perhaps it wasn’t really my shade at all.

Setting that aside, the packaging is really good.  I am quite messy so tend to steer well clear of loose powder.  This is especially so when it have to pop it in my handbag. The design is a shallow pot with a twist-off lid. You then get to a flap which you lift to reveal the little holes that the powder comes through.  I have to say, I have never had a dressing table or in-bag spillage with this pot of loose powder so 9 out of 10 for that design.  I can’t give 10 because there isn’t space for a sponge!

Black|Up Anti-Shine Powder and Black|Up Kabuki Brush
Black|Up Anti-Shine Powder and Black|Up Kabuki Brush

I found that after the pot had traveled in my handbag, some product worked its way through the holes (but not through the flap) so there was just enough to dip the Kabuki Brush into to use. The Kabuki itself is very soft and the bristles feel so thick and luscious. I’ll admit I do find myself just stroking my fingers through the brush now and then to confirm I am not dreaming!

I like Black|Up but I’m not convinced by the Anti-Shine Powder. It kept the shine away for about an hour before I need to powder again. If you put too much power on at once it just sits on top of the skin.  Well it did for me anyway. I like the brush so I’ll continue to use that.

I did find the perfect use for the powder though – it’s the right consistency and colour to set my under-eye concealer using a soft, fluffy brush.  This is probably because it is yellow toned.  I ran out of my yellow setting powder a while ago but now I have a replacement which fits in perfectly with my skin tone. I bet you weren’t expecting that. I wasn’t!  To keep shine at bay, I have gone back to using my Two-Way Cake which is also by Black|Up. You can see what I think of that here.

Unscrew the lid and flip up!
Unscrew the lid and flip up!

*I was sent a sample and I have chosen to share my honest opinion of it with you.


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