My Kiko Milano Wanderlust Collection and why I almost didn’t buy anything

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The gorgeous Kiko Wanderlust Limited Edition Collection packaging
The gorgeous Kiko Wanderlust Limited Edition Collection packaging

The moment I saw the Kiko Milano Wanderlust collection I knew I had to have it!

Not just because the textured package is in a luxurious golden hue. Or that it was designed by Robert Lovegrove. Or that’s it’s limited edition which always make my heart leap. It’s mainly because I knew that I would be purchasing amazing quality make-up for a very reasonable price. That’s what I love about Kiko.

I decided to go to the Covent Garden store on event day so I could really take in the experience.  I called the evening before to find out when the event was starting and I was told 1000. There would be top Kiko makeup-artists and a DJ later on and other fun stuff.

I arrived for when the store opened but there was no sign of festivities. I was asked to wait a few minutes by one member of staff once I entered the store and another  was doing something at the till. I felt a bit awkward hanging around at the front of the store by myself waiting to try the Wanderlust collection so I took a snap of the collection intending to use it for this post.

Out of nowhere the person by the till had almost pounced on me and in a raised and panicked voice spat out “no pictures!” Needless to say I was shocked. I asked why and she kept saying the words “security” over and over again. In the middle of a tourist hotspot I would at least expect a sign, or indeed a security guard with a measured temperament to enforce this so-called policy. She then said something layout of displays. Was this sales person trying to imply I was engaged in unsavoury activity? Flabbergasted, I mumble something about being a paying customer. That’s the worst customer service I have ever received. How can you completely fail to serve your first customer through the door but find the time to attack them? I dare you top that!

My sensible mind told me to leave the store  in disgust after being ignored then being accused of goodness-knows-what then still not being served. But I stayed. You might think me stupid but I was really looking forward to my planned “me” time to recharge before playtime with my baby. I was between a rock and a hard place for sure. I was sacrificing mummy time to be in this horrible situation but I needed some Tasha time too.

Luckily a lovely lady named Angela salvaged the situation, helping my try the products, advising me and letting know that that circle CLICS infinity  eyeshadows were being discontinued so snap up the palettes and eyeshadows while there was still time. She also explained the fun was starting later in the day .

So,  here’s what I ended up with from the Wanderlust collection, the collaboration with Ross Lovegrove:

DD Cream in Dark

I’ve never used a CC or BB cream so I decided it was time with the DD cream. I didn’t want to get things I already had so this was good place to start.  I’ve also never tried a face product from Kiko before.

Desert Dunes Trio Baked Blush in 03 Impulsive Mauve

I am a blusher addict! I had to have at least one of these perfectly packaged beauties so I went for the purple one. It was the most flattering and I’ll get a lot of wear out of it, once I dare to put the brush in. Too pretty to use!

In the Shade Kajal & Eyeshadow Duos in 03 and 04

I could have bought all of them but I decided to choose 03 Turquoise and Pearly Brown for natural with a splash of fun (me all over) and 04 Emerald and Petrol Green for the perfect summer smokey eye.

Free Spirit Lips & Cheeks in 105

I wanted to try something different so picked up this lipstick and blush pencil without trying it on! It also comes with the biggest pencil sharpener I have ever seen. I decided that the soft pink colour would go well on my lips and cheeks whereas the other colours I would only wear on my lips.

Mirage Lip Stylo in II

I had my eye on a bright red and this purple.  The red was OK but the moment I tried this on I knew this was the ONE. I don’t normally like sheer lipsticks but this is somewhere between sheer and full pigment. It’s perfect!

My carefully selected pieces
My carefully selected pieces
I think I want more!
I think I want more!

Mmm.  It doesn’t seem like I bought much at all but my bank balance says otherwise! I would happily pick up a few more pieces but as you can imagine, I am loathe to return to that store.  I have seen pictures on social media that were taken inside the Covent Garden store so clearly something is not right.  I do judge a brand on their people because they are recruited in the brand’s vision but here we have very, very good and very, very bad all at once.

Watch this space. Who knows, next month I might go back for more blush and lip products and maybe even a bronzer.  Make sure you follow me on the blog on or social media for a closer look at each product!

Purple is my colour
Purple is my colour
The boxes are beautiful too!
The boxes are beautiful too!

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