*Black|Up Contouring Sponge & Matifying Fluid Foundation

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Black|Up Contouring Sponge
Black|Up Contouring Sponge
Black|Up Contouring Sponge
Black|Up Contouring Sponge
Black|Up Contouring Sponge
Black|Up Contouring Sponge

I received the Black|Up contouring sponge to try out and I had fun with it so I decided to share it with you. I love my makeup tools so I was more then happy to try another one! I debuted the sponge on a Periscope broadcast as I thought you might like to see it in action.

The sponge comes with instructions as to which foundations to place where. The sponge has a pointed dome on the top for precision placement and a rounded base. The instructions on the box tell you to use one side for the lighter shade and one side for the darker shade. The picture of the face had four different places for application. It took me a while to figure out what was needed so I could follow the instructions. Did I need four shades of foundation, three, two or even five? Maybe I was just being silly.

I had samples of the Black|Up Matifying Fluid Foundation from a Keziah Connections event a couple of months ago. This was the perfect opportunity to try them out. For step 1, I used shade NFL01 and one side of the pointed end to apply it to the areas I wanted to be highlighted. You only need a very small amount of foundation with this sponge – I learned that the hard way!

I then used the other side of the pointy end to add shadow around the perimeter of my face and the sides of my nose using NFL05 to do step 2. I went back to shade NFL01 to add highlights on my cheekbones and into the hollows of my cheeks using the rounded part at the bottom of the sponge for step three. For step 5, I used the other side of the rounded part to add a darker shadow shade between the two highlights. I can’t remember which shade I used as I think I tried three before I was happy.

There were parts of my face that still didn’t have foundation so I picked what I thought would be my shade, possibly NFL03, and filled in the rest of my face. I then blended all of the shades using the flat edge on the bottom of the sponge.

The sponge is bouncy and fun to use. It blends well and you can really buff the foundation into the skin with it. I found that the rounded part was great for getting into the hollows of the cheeks

Black|Up Contouring Sponge & Matifying Fluid  Foundation
Black|Up Contouring Sponge & Matifying Fluid Foundation

. By using the sponge, I got more coverage than if I had a used a flat foundation brush. I got a smooth, even and natural finish. Although I contour differently to the instructions, the Black|Up Contouring Sponge is a really good option for contouring with liquid foundation. I’m glad I can add it to my collection.

As for the Matifying Fluid Foundation, I was very impressed. It was smooth and velvety and as promised, it was matte. There was no need to use any powder at all which is something that I am not used to. I couldn’t stop looking at my face! It is medium coverage so you could just about see my freckles, although that could be because I was quite heavy-handed with the application. This foundation is going on my wish list – I love products that save me time and with this I don’t have to use precious extra seconds applying powder.


*I was sent a sample of the Black|Up Contouring Sponge and I have chosen to share my honest opinion of it with you.

4 Replies to “*Black|Up Contouring Sponge & Matifying Fluid Foundation”

  1. This looks awesome! How would you compare it to the Real Techniques sponge and the Beauty Blender? Better? Worse?


    1. Hi, I’ve never used the beauty blender so that’s on my wish list. It is firmer than the Real Techniques miracle complexion sponge and is a completely different shape. I use my RT sponge mainly for cream blusher and powder touch-ups and a little bit of foundation blending. I wouldn’t use the Black|Up sponge for blusher as it’s not the right shape so I’d use it for liquid foundation only. Although, I could use the base of it for blush. So really, one isn’t better than the other and I need them both for different things and for different moods!


      1. Good to know. I’m a huge fan of the BB and the RT sponge and like you said, I use them for different things. I am a sucker for makeup tools so I may have to get the blackUp sponge too!

        On an unrelated note, I am hosting a 30 day beauty blogging challenge and I’d love if you participated! Here is the link for more info : http://raekelsch.com/30-day-beauty-blogging-challenge/


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