Doing make-up for other people

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Doing make-up for other people
Doing make-up for other people

I have now done make-up for two people other than myself – of completely different ages and with mainly different requirements. They both wanted to look fairly natural as they wanted to look like themselves when they looked in the mirror. In general, they both only wore make-up on special occasions. That meant no face-shape changing contouring, no false lashes and not too much drama on the eyes, because this would be too much of a transformation. It wasn’t necessary anyway because they are both beautiful people!

They also had different skin issues they wanted addressed- one had an uneven skintone with darker blemishes, the other had uneven skin due to pimples. For both, I talked to them about the importance of using the right skincare for their skin issues as the better the condition of the skin, the better the make-up will look. Plus, they would feel better about themselves if they knew they didn’t have to always cover up with make-up, a good skincare regime will be sufficient.

They key thing I learned was that you must communicate. Listen to their wishes and concerns. You are in their personal space, touching their face. They need to feel comfortable with you doing that, and confident that you will deliver what they have asked. For someone particularly nervous, let them see what you are doing at regular intervals. I like to explain what I am doing as I go along, for example, “I’m now going to blend”, otherwise it can seem a little strange if they don’t know what to expect!

If you are going to do make-up for other people, the preparation counts too. If you are organised, you will feel good. If you look organised, your client will feel good. Lay out what you need neatly and pack it away properly when done. Hygiene is also very important. Wash your brushes and sanitise your products and tools that can’t be washed like pencil sharpeners. I use a conditioning brush cleanser for my brushes and surgical spirit in a mini spray bottle to sanitise (both are available from pharmacies). You can also wipe the surfaces of lipsticks, creams and gels using a tissue. Try using disposable tools such as mascara spoolies and sponges. Also, make sure your hands are clean!

I enjoy making people feel like the best version of themselves, although I am willing to get creative and transform you if you like! I think that’s what make-up is about really. What do you think?

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