The Vintage Pink and Mint Wedding Make-Up Kit

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The whole kit!
The whole kit!

I was a bridesmaid at the end of August, on one of the hottest days of the year. I didn’t know it was going to be that hot but as you can see, I packed for all eventualities. This is what I ended up packing to do my make-up whilst I was getting ready in the hotel. Yes, just my make-up! I didn’t use it all but as I didn’t get a chance to practice, I had to pack to cover a variety of moods, combinations in case of a mismatch and “just-in-case-the-bride-didn’t-like-my-face-and-I-had-to-start-again” looks.

I’ll give you a quick little tour through my kit highlights:

Hygiene and other essential extras

I forgot my wipes and a cream cleanser but I did remember my cotton buds to neaten up mistakes, surgical spirit to sanitize products I would later use when I was playing MUA to the mother-of-the-bride, spray brush cleanser, and conditioning brush cleanser. I did have some baby oil in my bag so I could have used that in the case of a make-up smudge emergency. It was not officially part of the kit but I slipped it in anyway! I also packed liquid brush cleanser as I did not have time to wash my brushes before I got to the hotel.


I began here, rather randomly. I was wearing a mint green dress with gold jewellery so you can see the Sleek Garden of Eden palette has my green options and a gold. I also had to pack my Urban Decay Naked Palette for neutrals and base colours. You can also see a trio of MAC mono eyeshadow pots which are tailored to make my personal neutrals palette and a couple of KIKO eyeshadows which form a long-lasting base and natural look. I bought MAC 34 lashes especially but I packed a set of Eylure 60 lashes just in case they were too much. As you can see, I packed plenty of brushes for all of my precision and blending requirements – in my mind you can never have too many brushes!


For all-day photo-ready make-up, preparing the skin and getting the base right is essential. Without a solid base, you’ll end up a smudgy mess, especially at the peak of summer. My base products are pretty standard, with face and eye primers, foundation, powder and concealer. My favourite pieces have to be the Kiko pearly eye base to really make shimmer eyeshadow pop and my two highlighter pens – Givenchy Mister Light and YSL Touch Eclat. Highlighting is the secret to looking so amazing in photos and it personally gives me a confidence boost. As you can see again, lots of brushes to choose from. Ok, maybe I didn’t need three powder brushes!

Cheeks and lips

The wedding look was vintage/1920s/Art Deco inspired so harsh contouring was not an option. Although gentle contouring is essential when you are being photographed with a direct flash so your face is nicely defined. I was only photographed in (very bright) natural sunlight, or under a flash where the light had been diffused. I wasn’t the bride after all! I did one of my favourite every Bobbi Brown techniques, the colour pop using my Shimmer Brick and a matte blush. The shimmer brick provides a colour and highlight and the matte blusher gives a more intense hit of rosiness to bring the face to life. Pretty in pink cheekbones are sculpted rather than contoured. You’ll see in the picture four lip colour options and as many lips liners, with a little tube of gloss should I have been in a glossy mood. I didn’t go for gloss in the end as I think lip colours in the 1920’s were more likely to be cream or matte.

And finally…

Of course this all had to be set with a setting spray. I was not taking any chances! Now you know what goes through my head when I have to wear a long-lasting photo-ready look. Follow my blog/Instagram/Twitter/Tumblr/Facebook to find out what I actually wore!

Mainly eyes
Mainly eyes
More eyes
More eyes
Face and base
Face and base
Cheeks and lips
Cheeks and lips

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