When you are in-between foundation shades

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When you are in-between foundation shades
When you are in-between foundation shades

When you are in-between foundations shades…mix! Mixing foundations is not the preserve of the make-up artist. It is actually probably an essential for more people than we think. I have had to do this and I know from reading lots of blogs that others have always been mixing foundation.

I think this is more of an issue for people with brown/black/Asian skin. The shade ranges in shops is improving but still has some way to go. If my shade is not available for being too dark, as happened with YSL Fusion Foundation, which was bitterly disappointing as I am a fan (although my purse rejoiced) this is a real problem. Many brands tend to go a shade or two darker than me. Other brands get to my shade and then the jump between shades is huge. This is how I came to write this post.

The two darkest No7 shades in the Beautifully Matte and Instant Radiance ranges are Walnut (the darkest) followed by Deeply Honey which is my winter shade. Walnut is about ten shades darker than me. Ok, maybe there’s a little exaggeration there but I’m just trying to help you understand the issue. Walnut also has a different undertone to Deeply Honey so they couldn’t be mixed. It seems my shade is the darkest golden tone. Not so good Boots.

I was advised to mix my current Beautifully Matte and Instant Radiance foundations with the Mocha shade from the Stay Perfect foundation range. It sits in the middle of the Deeply Honey and Walnut Stay Perfect foundations. This was ok as a temporary spring fix but I lose the benefits of the matte finish and the glowing finish from the original foundations I had purchased. Rather than achieve a matte finish in one liquid step, I now have to add powder.

Even worse, I need to put my make-up on quite quickly now as my baby doesn’t like waiting around for me to put my face on, so mixing foundations really isn’t convenient.

If I could mix the same type of foundation, although this would not save time, it would make sure my foundation was always the right shade and texture until I can get around to buying my summer foundation. Mixing foundation shades definitely has its benefits in the transitional seasons of spring and autumn but be prepared to spend more time on your makeup!

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