Embrace metallics…on your face!

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Metallic make-up

Metallic make-up

Much to my delight, metallics were here for spring and they will be back for autumn. Are you wondering how to wear metallics but not willing to buy a piece of metallic clothing that you’ll only wear once? Or perhaps you like to wear the current trends on your face but don’t know how?

Well I have an affordable fix for you – Makeup Revolution Awesome Metals Foil Finish eyeshadow!

I bought my first Awesome Metals eyeshadow in Magnificent Copper last year but it took a long time to find an occasion to wear it. I bought Magnificent Copper because I can get away with copper and golden tones during the daytime – they blend in with my brown skin.  See me wearing it in my “Quick Copper Smokey Eyes With Makeup Revolution”  post or my “Spring Pink, Violet and Copper” post.

I also decided that in the spirit of all things metallic, I would probably want to turn up the drama at night-time so I bought the Makeup Revolution Awesome Metals in Black Diamond. I’ll be posting this up when I share with you my “Casino Glam” look.

If you follow me on Instagram you might also have seen me wearing a dazzlingly bright silver eyeliner and I did a post about it here.  It’s by e.l.f.  which is currently not available in the UK anymore (but is supposed to come back soon). If eyeliners are more your thing, just find a metallic liquid eyeliner to join in the trend.   For a subtle foray into the world of metallics, try a gold liquid eyeliner such as Metallic Liquid Eyeliner by Barry M in No5 .  I’ll show you this in my “Pop of Gold” post soon.  Liquid eyeliners tend to give a much bolder colour pop than pencils although I acknowledge they are trickier to apply than pencil eyeliners.

If you do wear the metallic trend on your face, I would love to see.  Just leave me a comment below.

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