I want grey hair!
I want grey hair!

Grey hair used to be seen as a symptom of old age. When someone mentions grey hair, what do you honestly think?  I have realised that grey hair almost knows no age. I won’t pretend to know the science behind it, I have simply observed that grey hair can appear at any time from the teenage years.

Grey hairs used to be embarrassing inconveniences which were plucked out with the warning “ten grey hairs will grow back as replacements” or they were covered with hair dye. My personal view is that if I ever get any grey hairs, I want to think of them as natural silver highlights and I like to think I will keep them. If I am luckier, I will wake up with a full head of silver hair and call it platinum blond. I love to see people who are all-over natural grey.  There’s just something special about it, especially when it graduates from dark roots to light tips.

Bearing in mind my grey hair ambitions, it will come as no surprise that I’m loving the grey-hair trend for spring/summer. I think grey is a much better highlight for black hair than blond. I think it’s because grey is made from black so you can pretend it is natural!

Bellami has a range of silver-grey extensions inspired by Samantha Ravndahl (Batalash Beauty) so I could temporarily try the grey hair look before it becomes naturally permanent. Plus, I have never coloured my hair before so I think extensions or a wig are my best bet for such a dramatic colour change from my usual brown-black hue.

But, just when I thought I would be happy with a black-grey ombre Jourdan Dunn showed us that two shades of grey is simply not enough. For her Coachella 2015 hair, she wore an inspirational multi-tonal and multi-shade grey look. At first glance you’ll see a black-grey ombre with cool brown lower layers but on closer inspection you’ll see subtle hints of blue and pink merging into lilac.  Her hair had me genuinely excited, even more so than her golden-brown and blond ombre lob.

All that being said, it was neither Jourdan, Rihanna nor Samantha that started this trend.  I don’t know who did but I know I saw my favourite grey hair in 2006. It was on Halle Berry as Storm in X-Men: The Last Stand. It was way back then I decided that grey is gorgeous. Storm wore a small section of black roots with the dark shades nicely layered under the white-grey hair which had warm, mid-grey lowlights. Storm was nowhere near retirement age and looked amazing.  Even though Storm is a superhero, her hair is attainable for us mere mortals!

If Storm was the blueprint in the 2000s, Jourdan (and Renda Attia) carried grey hair through to the younger generation in the 2010s.  I’m so glad they did.  Grey hair is no longer something to be plucked or covered. Wear it with pride!

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