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Curly By Nature
Curly By Nature

Curly By Nature is a hair care brand specially formulated for curl care.  All of the ingredients are naturally derived or organic and are free from sulphates, parabens, artificial fragrances and colours.  I was sent samples of the Curly By Nature Moisture Shampoo, the Intensive Conditioning Mask and the Nourishing Gloss Balm. The Nourishing Gloss Balm is the latest addition to the collection.  I was intrigued – I had never encountered a gloss balm before!

Moisture Shampoo

The first thing that struck me about the Curly By Nature Moisture Shampoo was what I can only call a “natural” scent.  I haven’t smelled anything like it.  It made me feel like what I was about to put in my hair was truly natural and completely without nasties. I could detect the scent of natural oils I have used separately before but my sense of smell is not great so I cannot name them! The scent reminded me of soap but overall it smelled like there was no added fragrance.

On checking the ingredients online, I probably could have tasted the shampoo to figure out what was in it – the first three ingredients listed are sugar, coconut and honey extract!

The texture is different to all other shampoos I have tried.  Rather than being soapy, it felt silky and possibly even oily but it was not greasy.

The shampoo was quite gentle which was great as I have a sensitive scalp however it does not cater for sensitive scalp specifically. Both my scalp and my hair felt thoroughly cleansed after shampooing twice (I always shampoo and rise twice).

Intensive Conditioning Mask

The Curly By Nature Intensive Conditioning Mask is exactly the kind of conditioner I like to use. I prefer to use masks as conditioner rather than standard conditioners as they work better in my hair.

Again, the scent was natural but different to the shampoo.  It smelled almost edible – it felt like I should have been using the product in my cooking! I therefore wasn’t surprised to learn that the first three ingredients listed on the website are avocado oil, grapeseed oil and pumpkin seed oil.

The Intensive Conditioning mask was lovely and creamy and sunk right into my hair rather than just sitting on top. I like that as other conditioners and masks will just sit on the outside of the hair shaft to give the impression that they are improving the hair when in fact, they are just coating the hair to simulate that effect. My hair felt nourished from within so it had a nice little treat!  Also, as the conditioning mask penetrated my hair rather than sitting on top, my hair felt light rather than weighed down.

To use the Intensive Conditioning Mask, I towel dried my hair to get rid of excess moisture, applied the conditioning mask and left it for about five minutes to really get to work.  I then rinsed it out.

The only thing I would have liked was for the conditioner to detangle and smooth my hair.  I like my conditioners to do this to make styling easier but unfortunately this element was missing.

Nourishing Gloss Balm

The scent of the Curly By Nature Nourishing Gloss Balm reminded me of afro hair products…but better! It must be the jojoba wax.  The scent is very light and again it is clear that no artificial fragrances had been used. This was yet another product that I wanted to eat and it’s no wonder, when the ingredients include avocado oil, pumpkin oil, carrot oil, coconut oil and olive oil.  Yum!

The purpose of the Nourishing Gloss Balm is to nourish, condition, and soften the hair, seal in moisture, enhance natural curls, protect the hair and softly hold hair in place and finish hair styles. That’s a lot of work for one product.

My little tester pot was prone to separation, with an oil-like layer on the top and  a thicker layer of product underneath. This was easily fixed with a little stir. The part I found impressive was that the product did not feel greasy at all, even though there was plenty of oil in it.  Plus, a little goes a very long way.

This might be the first genuinely nourishing styling product I have used. If I thought my curls had been nourished before, I now have to think again! The Nourishing Gloss Balm defined my curls leaving them soft and shiny without making my hair look greasy.  My curls were gently held in place without being weighed down or made stiff.

I love this product! It has so many benefits over traditional afro hair products which can leave hair greasy and weighed down, mousses which can be sticky and make hair stiff (and mousse does not nourish) and hairspray which definitely doesn’t nourish and can be sticky.


Overall, it felt really good to use a set of products which genuinely felt good for my hair.  I can liken it to getting my “5-a-day” of fruit and vegetables. You know that eating fruit and veg has a positive impact on the body but you may not be able to pinpoint it. I get that same feeling with the Curly by Nature products and my hair.

I like that the products do not contain artificial fragrances and smell almost edible! My favourite product has to be the Nourishing Gloss Balm as it is unique.   It’s good for the hair and great for styling.

I enjoyed using the range, and I know my hair was happy although I think my sensitive scalp needs specialist care.   I think the shampoo and conditioner are better suited for thicker hair and tighter curls but I will be hanging on to the Nourishing Gloss Balm!

*Although not strictly a sponsored post, samples of these products were provided to me for my consideration and I have chosen to share my honest opinion on this blog.  For further information click here.

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