BeautyCon London: Bailey’s Beauty Tip

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The beautiful Bailey!
The beautiful Bailey!

Whilst waiting to meet Sam Chapman (@pixiwoos) after the panel talk “Hi Haters, Bye Haters” at BeautyCon London 2015, I met the lovely Bailey. Her eyelashes were amazing so I just had to take a couple of photos and share then with you.  Her eyebrows and eye make-up were perfect too!

To achieve this lash look, Bailey explained that the outer edge of the lashes were cut off so the strip lash could fit her eyes but instead of throwing the pieces away, she kept them and layered them on top of the strip lash on the outer corner, adding dramatic volume and really opening up the eyes.

I was in awe. I can’t even apply one strip let alone try to layer it. Bailey was kind enough to say that it just takes practice which made me feel better about my mishaps. I will just have to follow Bailey’s advice and practice.  Thanks for the tip!

Perfect brows, lashes and eye make-up!
Perfect brows, lashes and eye make-up!

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