BeautyCon London 2015: The Lash Story

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The options!
The eyelash options!

If you were following me on Twitter, you would have seen that I was running very late for BeautyCon London 2015.  There were several reasons such as I wanted to make sure my hair and nails were looking good but the main reason was my false eyelash mishap.

I have a selection of false eyelashes but I never wear them as I always make a mistake when putting them on, which means I get glue all over my eye make-up and it all gets ruined. In the end, I give up trying to wear the lashes.

As I decided to wear a graphic yellow and blue eye, I needed the lashes or I would look a little bizarre.  I thought about wearing some Superdrug lashes, the limited edition intense volume lashes made in celebration of Superdrug’s 50th anniversary however I decided that these were far too dramatic for a day-time event.

I decided to try my Lancome Show by Alber Elbaz (limited edition so no longer available) lashes again after failing to apply them when I went to a casino themed party and wanted some drama, but not too much.  I like a little added length and lots of volume. If the lashes are too long, it will be impossible for me to wear my glasses should my contact lenses fail me. I decided that these lashes are just the right length and thickness to finish the eye look without going overboard.

Lancome Show by Alber Elbaz
Lancome Show by Alber Elbaz
Lancome Show by Alber Elbaz - so pretty you need to see them up close!
Lancome Show by Alber Elbaz – so pretty you need to see them up close!

To apply the lashes, I used Duo adhesive rather than the included glue. It is said that Duo is the best glue so that’s why I use it. Admittedly, I didn’t cut the lashes as I didn’t think they needed cutting but more about that later. I applied the glue to the lash, waited for about a minute for the glue to get tacky then tried to put the lash strip on my eyelid without sticking it to my own lashes. I find it really difficult to stick lashes on to my upper lash line because my own lashes get in the way, even if I look down. Can somebody please tell me how to get them out of my way?

Anyway, I stuck the lash strip near my lashline and tried to use tweezers to adjust the position but that didn’t quite do the job so I tried to use my fingers. I failed so I pulled the lash off to attempt it again. I couldn’t give up as my eyeshadow was already messed up and I looked bald without the lashes. I noticed that I had stuck a bunch of my own eyelashes together and managed to get glue on my upper waterline. I think I am the only person to have achieved that!

Unfortunately, as my natural lashes had been glued together and had become hard, I found it even more difficult to apply the lash a second time.  When I partially closed my eyes to apply the lash, my eye was temporarily glued shut thanks to the glue on my waterline. I ended up with an awful gap between my lashes and the lash strip. I thought I could fix it with mascara and gel eyeliner but that was also a failure.  The second lash strip went on with less drama but it was by no means easy.

At BeautyCon London, Eylure had a stand. I usually wear Eylure so I was tempted to buy some more lashes at the discounted event price but I was strong and didn’t break my beauty spending ban.  So, imagine my delight when I was told I could get a set of lashes applied free of charge provided I took a selfie and posted it with #eylurexbeautycon and followed Eylure on Instagram.  Of course I jumped at the chance, not least because I needed someone to fix the mess I had made!

The lovely lady at the stand (unfortunately I didn’t catch her name) advised me to try no.126, a “definition” set of lashes.  She said they were new and I thought they looked quite pretty so I picked them up.  When it came to application, I was told I have small eyes. Well, that’s news to me! So much was trimmed off the lashes I thought the beauty of the lash would be destroyed.  Luckily, my thoughts were proved wrong. The application of the lashes were finished with a liquid liner to get right into the lash line so if there was a space, it was not noticeable, and I was given a touch of mascara.

The Eyelure eyelash application desk a BeautyCon London 2015
The Eyelure eyelash application desk a BeautyCon London 2015

The lashes looked incredible! I felt very conscious on the train home but there was no need.  That’s the beauty of London, no-one really cares because anything goes.

I have to say, I felt quite pretty wearing my new Eylure lashes but I felt sorry for the Alber Elbaz lashes.  They only had a few hours of use. I am looking forward to wearing my Eylure lashes again, I just hope I can get them on!

I love these lashes!
I love these lashes!

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