Make-up is supposed to be fun!

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Stylist magazine, 19 May 2015
Stylist magazine, 19 May 2015

Make-up is supposed to be fun. Well that’s my opinion anyway. I never wear the same make-up two days in a row . I always change my lip colour as a minimum and usually  change my eyeliner and blush colour. And that’s just for work!

So when Stylist magazine had a feature on having fun with make-up (“For The Love of Make-up” 19 May 2015) naturally that was the first thing I read.  YSL Beauté make-up artist Isamaya Ffrench showed us how to be less serious with our make-up looks.

Ffrench suggests using lipgloss on the eyelids and eye pencil on the lips.  I’m sure make-up artists have been doing this for ages which led to the MAC Studio Eyegloss being made accessible to people who are not make-up artists.  Before then, I was aware of a trick to use Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream on the eyelids to make them glossy although I haven’t yet tried this myself.  I would feel self-conscious as most of the people I know don’t wear make-up. One day I’ll just do it!

I have worn eye pencil as lip colour.  When I was a teenager I wanted blue lips but to my knowledge, there was no such thing as blue lipstick. I just used a metallic blue eyeliner from Avon. In my mind, it was really pretty! Also, being the 90s, I seem to recall wearing the blue “lip liner” with pink lipstick as an alternative to the black lined lips that everyone else was wearing.  If you’re too young  to remember, you just lined the outline of your lips with black pencil, probably eye pencil, over a natural-ish lip colour or put clear gloss on top. No blending! I think I also tried gold lips with black liner inspired by Mary J Blige. Now, it’s perfectly fine to have a contrasting lip liner and lip colour as long as it’s blended out into an ombré lip.

To me, Ffench was telling us all to find that inner teenager who liked to experiment, who didn’t care what the product was called or intended to be used for, and wore what they wanted where they wanted. She advises us to play and I agree. Part of the reason for this blog was to share with you how I play with make-up but I’ve not succeed on that front recently.  Some of my older attempts are on my Pinterest boards here.

The feature (by Joanna McGarry) suggests ways we can ease ourselves into being more adventurous such as using coloured eyeliners and mascaras.  There’s no excuse now, so let’s play!

Floating Eyeliner full face
Floating Eyeliner full face
Red Eyes full face
Red Eyes full face

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