Clinique Pop Lip and the #LipPic

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Clinique Pop Goodies!
Clinique Pop Goodies!

Clinique has a new range of lip colours called Clinique Pop.  I have used the Clinique long last lipsticks in the past and I really liked them so I was looking forward to this new offering.

Clinique Pop is not just a lipstick, it is a primer too.  I’m not sure about you but I don’t use primer on my lips. Am I supposed to? Anyway, it makes sense as the purpose of primer is to make sure makeup lasts longer and if my lip colour lasts longer because the lip primer is mixed in, I’m not going to complain!

To promote Clinique Pop, there was a little pop-up booth in Westfield London (Shepherd’s Bush/White City) where you could try one shade and take a photo to be entered into a competition to become the “lips of” Clinique Pop, be in an advertorial in Cosmopolitan magazine and win all 16 shades of Clinique Pop.  Naturally I could not resist!

I chose Poppy Pop, a coral shade which comes up as a bright peachy-orange on me. That’s fine by me because I love orange lipstick. I took me picture in the booth and it is definitely not a winner!

The Clinique Pop lip colours are supposed to last for 8 hours.  Mine managed to stay in place for 4 hours which included eating some mac and cheese and drinking water. The full intensity didn’t last for the four hours but there was still colour on my lips and it faded in a way which I could live with.  I would say that’s a good performance and it’s better than the long last lipsticks.  The texture is gorgeously creamy and comfortable to wear and the finish is lovely and smooth (that must be the primer working).

I would like to try (because I can’t buy) Plum pop and Grape Pop because purple just works for my skintone.  I could go for some pinks too.  You can see why I’m on an epic spending ban!

Although the Westfield pop-up is no longer there, you can still enter the competition to become the lips of Clinique Pop in Instagram. Just visit the Clinique UK Instagram page to find out more. Good luck!

All 16 Clinique Pop Lip Colours
All 16 Clinique Pop Lip Colours

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