Benefit Makeup Lesson Skincare Samples

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Benefit Makeup Lesson Skincare Samples
Benefit Makeup Lesson Skincare Samples

After my highly enjoyable Benefit makeover, I received some skincare samples to try at home.

It’s Potent! eye cream

Yes, I know I have tried this and managed to burn my eyes with it but I have been instructed on the proper way to use it so I will give it another try.  I am only supposed to use it under my eyes and not too close to my eyes. It should not go on my eyelids. With those instructions, I’ll keep my fingers crossed for a good result.

The POREfessional primer

I was really impressed with this at the makeup lesson so now I can try it at home with my other foundations.

Puff Off!

This is an eye gel  The full-sized product has an iron-shaped applicator which cools the eye area as the product is deposited. Unfortunately the sample does not have this but I can still try the formula and just imagine that the iron is there.

Total Moisture Facial Cream

At my makeup lesson Georgia used the triple performing facial emulsion which is oil-free. Even though it was oil free, my face felt adequately moisturised. I can now compare it with the Total Moisture Facial Cream to see if I really need a heavier cream.

I will let you know what I think of all of these.

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