Benefit Makeup Lesson
Benefit Makeup Lesson

If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen that I booked myself in for a makeover with Benefit. I was a bit weary at first as I know Benefit has not traditionally catered for black and brown skin but at the time of booking the makeover, the consultant was confident I could get a full face of makeup from the counter. The best thing is, she was correct.

Here’s how I got my flawless Benefit face- brace yourself because it’s a long one!

Skin Preparation

Georgia prepared my combination oily and dry skin by cleansing it with Remove It makeup remover then using Triple Performing Facial Emulsion SPF15, an oil free facial lotion, to moisturise.  I can’t remember if she used It’s Potent eye cream at this stage but it’s in the photo so it was definitely used during the makeover!


The first product Georgia applied was the POREfessional primer. It didn’t occur to me to use this as I do not have visible pores however it’s not just a pore minimiser.  It made my skin feel silky-smooth so it created the perfect base for the foundation. I know many of us tend to skip the primer but we really shouldn’t!

I wanted to try the Big Easy foundation but unfortunately it does not come in my shade so we went for the Hello Flawless  products. We tried out two shades of the Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow liquid foundation, amber which is the third darkest and has a yellow base and hazelnut which is the second darkest and has a red base. I thought amber would be “the one” as I usually wear golden foundations but hazelnut was the winner as amber was just a tad too pale. Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow can be used on its own for a dewy finish but I wanted a more matte finish so Georgia dusted on some Hello Flawless powder also in hazelnut.  The Hello Flawless powder can be used on its own and comes with a mini brush and a sponge which is pretty cool.


I am a fan of bright colour and if you are also, Benefit might not be the right brand for you.  However, if you like your neutrals, pastels and pretty subtle shades of eyeshadow, Benefit is definitely worth a visit. I decided to try out the shades in the Big Beautiful Eyes eye contour which were matte brown, shimmer pink and shimmer taupe. A concealer is also included but it was not my shade.

Georgia prepared my eyelids by using Stay Don’t Stray eyeshadow primer in medium/deep then applied the eyeshadows.  I can’t quite remember which ones went where as in the palette the colours looked pink and brown and on my lids they came up lilac under the shop lighting! Either way the result was really pretty. At the very least it looks like Georgia put either the shimmery pink or the shimmery taupe all over my eyelid then contoured the crease using the matte brown. That’s how I would use it. There are instructions on how to use the palette online.

Georgia lined my eyes with They’re Real push-up liner. She showed me how to click the liner until the gel comes out, wipe it off then line my eyes.  It dries really quickly so if you struggle with eyeliner like I do, make sure you have some eye-makeup remover nearby, preferably They’re Real remover because it is designed to remove the They’re Real products. She used Roller Lash mascara on my upper lashes but I didn’t want any on my lower lashes as it is not waterproof. I didn’t want to end up a smudgy mess thanks to the pollen count.


Benefit Eye - Big Beautiful Eyes, Stay Don't Stray, Roller Lash, They're Real Eyeliner
Benefit Eye – Big Beautiful Eyes, Stay Don’t Stray, Roller Lash, They’re Real Eyeliner
Benefit Eye - Big Beautiful Eyes, Stay Don't Stray, Roller Lash, They're Real Eyeliner
Benefit Eye – Big Beautiful Eyes, Stay Don’t Stray, Roller Lash, They’re Real Eyeliner


I really wanted to try Gimme Brow but Georgia was convinced I would prefer Brow Zings. We tried Gimme Brow in medium/deep first and while it was nice, it wasn’t amazing. Georgia then tried Brow Zings in deep. She only used the wax but the result was amazing.  My brows were perfectly filled in, enhanced and neatened in a natural but “wow” way.  The shade of brown is the grey-brown I like to wear. I love Brow Zings so Georgia won the battle!

To highlight under my brows, Georgia used High Brow Glow, a bright, shimmery golden pencil.  I was shocked at first but it worked. I thought I would end up with two white streaks under my eyes but I was wrong again- Georgia really knows what she’s doing.


Georgia used Boi-ing concealer in shade 4 on me which is the second darkest shade.  Shade 5, the darkest shade, was much too dark.  There really is quite a jump between the shades. She mixed it with It’s Potent eye cream to make it less thick and brushed it under my eyes. She also used it as a highlight around my eyes and to perfect the eyeshadow line. I like that trick so I will definitely use it.  To set the concealer, Georgia dusted on the POREfessional agent zero shine. Another multi-tasking product from Benefit, the POREfessional agent zero shine was designed to smooth the appearance of pores and minimise shine but it also works as a setting powder.


Benefit eyes and brows - Brow Zings
Benefit eyes and brows – Brow Zings
Benefit eyes and brows - Brow Zings
Benefit eyes and brows – Brow Zings


Georgia used Hoola on my cheeks and to gently contour my face. It is a matte bronzer which looks quite light in the box but it was the perfect shade on my face. I was pleasantly surprised.  She then followed with Rockateur, a rose gold blusher on my cheeks. Again, somehow it just worked. I was feeling quite lucky at this point – looks are deceiving! I really wanted to try Sun Beam which is a golden highlighter so Georgia used this also.


I chose to try out Lollitint, a lilac lip and cheek tint.  It has a buildable colour but I opted for one coat.  I didn’t want my lips to compete with my eyes, although I did choose complimentary shades. While it was drying I was quite aware of it.  I wondered if I was allergic to it but I wasn’t. I think I was just feeling the tint penetrating my lips.  I followed this with Lollibalm, a tinted balm designed to be worn with Lollitint.  The balm emphasised the tint and made my lips look better.  I found the tint to be very drying so the balm was essential.

I could have tried Benetint, the original red lip and cheek stain.  It has a different formula to the new tints. It looks like food colouring (although I’m sure it is much more sophisticated) whereas the new tints are opaque and thicker. It wouldn’t have gone with my eye-makeup at the time but Georgia gave me a great tip.  She said she wears Benetint under red lip colour so when the lip colour fades, colour is still there. Red lips are tricky so this is something I want to try as it might just make them more wearable.


Benefit lips - Lollitint and Lollibalm
Benefit lips – Lollitint and Lollibalm

I have put together a Pinterest board of the products used in the makeup lesson – check it out here.

Overall I had lots of fun and I was really surprised at just how many products I could wear from Benefit.  Although there is room for improvement, Georgia and I have proved that Benefit can cater for brown skin!

Benefit face
Benefit face
Benfit - the kit
Benfit – the kit


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