Elegant Touch Nails in Polished Red 318

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Elegant Touch Nails in Polished Red 318
Elegant Touch Nails in Polished Red 318


I bought these Elegant Touch nails in Polished Red 318 in a “create your own” Latest in Beauty beauty box. I usually use Elegant Touch Express nails but decided I would give another type a go.

The Elegant Touch nails can be stuck on using the 22 individually sized included adhesive tabs which is my preference, or you can purchase glue separately for a longer wear time. It is a two-step application so they are not as quick to apply as the Elegant Touch Express Nails. You have to apply the sticky tab first then apply the nail as the tabs and nails are separate. To aid positioning, each nails has a snap-off tag at the tip of it. I think this is more helpful when gluing the nails on. You can file down the small edge that is left after snapping off the tag using the included file although I always forget this step!

The red colour itself is quite bright and very glossy and the nails are a wearable length. The little length guide says “short” which is long enough for me. The nails say they have UV technology so that the nails don’t chip or scratch but I haven’t experienced that when wearing falsies. I actually only wore these for one night as I wasn’t going to change a nappy whilst wearing them! I

The nails were easy to remove, I just peeled them off gently from the cuticle end of the nail.

Although I prefer the speed of the Elegant Touch Express nails, I would buy the Elegant Touch nails again. It’s still so much quicker than waiting for my nails to dry – they’re a great quick manicure for a night out.

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