Curls are back, although mine never left!

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Marie Claire Magazine, April 2015
Marie Claire Magazine, April 2015

All too often the hairstyles in magazines are based on straight or gently wavy hair which led me to believe that my naturally curly hair had very limited styling options. Well, April’s Marie Claire showcases a couple of curly styles after declaring “perms are back” and I look forward to other magazines following suit.

Although I don’t have a perm, my curls look a little like the model on the Marie Claire pages. I’ve highlighted the products mentioned and I’ll stick them in my beauty scrapbook – I feel like I’m on a perpetual search for the ideal curly hair styling products.

If you’re thinking about going curly, I say do it! Curly hair can be a nightmare to look after and style but sometimes, just sometimes, it makes life a little easier.

For example, I regularly wear my hair in the “curly updo” because it’s the easiest way to get my hair out of my face. It looks like my hair has been meticulously styled when all I did was loosely pull it back with my fingers, twist it into a rough bun and stick a hair elastic in. This can take about 30 seconds on a good hair day!

What are your favourite curly hair styles?

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