Beauty Scrapbook: the Marie Claire shade page and my experiences

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Page 257
Page 257

We’ve all been there. Looking for “the one”; that perfect shade of red lipstick, grey nail polish or golden toned foundation. I know my first stop is a brand I already use but if they don’t have what I want, what do I do then?

It happened to me the other day. I wanted a pillar-box red gloss stain and I was sure I’d find one at the YSL counter, having already purchased the YSL Rouge Pur Couture Vernis a Levres in 107 Naughty Mauve. They didn’t quite do the shade I wanted with the right amount of blue, the super high gloss and the strong pigment. They had lots of other gorgeous shades that I will buy (uh oh!) but not “the one”. I didn’t know where else to go so I ended up wearing matte red lips that night, being slightly disappointed inside.

When I finally got around to reading the April 2015 Marie Claire and spotted page 257, I knew it would go straight into my beauty scrapbook!

It highlights some brands with large ranges and I put some to the test to find my shades:

Marie Claire says NARS does 61 shades of eyeliner. On a quick search of the NARS website I found the gold and silver shades I wanted but as the silver was limited edition, it is no longer available. 50% success rate there. The only other brand I could think of that may have gold and silver was Urban Decay. I was in luck – out of the 39 shades I saw on the website, there also have gold and silver! I think gold and silver eyeliners are a beauty essential – perfect for a quick and easy highlight.

MAC has 185 shades of lipstick. Well they certainly have a lot. Remember my search for the perfect orange? I found 4 oranges plus a coral and 5 pinky-nudes which would suit me. My own experience says I might well find what I want at the MAC counter!

Bobbi Brown has 40 shades of foundation. That’s clear on a visit to the Bobbi Brown counter. I am a fan of Bobbi Brown because of the wide shade range. Several members of my family use Bobbi Brown foundation following my recommendation. Also, Bobbi Brown has a huge range of natural lipstick colours which is why my first nude lipstick purchases were made there. Dare I say it… she does something for everyone!

As for eyeshadows, Marie Claire highlights Illamasqua but I have to say, I’ve never had a difficulty finding an eyeshadow shade. I think that’s the easiest thing to find with all the palettes available and lots of brands have a wide range of shades. For budget eyeshadows I go for Makeup Revolution, for highstreet/drugstore I start off at Sleek and if I’m willing to spend more, Urban Decay has lots of shades to choose from.

What are your go-to brands when you need that perfect shade?  Do you have a beauty scrapbook?

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