Goodbye Half of My Hair, Hello Curly Lob, Thanks Sassoon Academy

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Curly Lob
Curly Lob

For nearly all of my life I have had long, curly hair. I love my curls but I’ve always wanted a sleek chin length bob. To get one I would have had to cut off most of my hair and use hair straighteners daily and I wanted to do neither. The shorter my hair gets, the more of a triangle shape my hair goes. Hardly the making of a cool bob. Also, straightening my hair everyday would just damage it. Added to that, I don’t think I could spare the time every single day to force my hair to do something it didn’t want to. Curly hair has a mind of its own and it’s not worth arguing with it!

Despite this, recently I have been seduced by the long bob, or “lob” as seen on Kim Kardashian West and Jourdan Dunn. In fact, it was Jourdan’s gorgeous brown and honey lob which made me take the plunge. She really shows off the versatility of the lob, wearing it straight, curly and wavy.  It gave me hope, so I booked an appointment at the Sassoon Academy in London to get my hair chopped off!

I chose the Sassoon Academy for several reasons. First I didn’t want to pay a fortune for a haircut just in case I didn’t like it. Secondly, as I was going for a dramatic change,  I thought I might as well let someone learn from it. Third, I visited the Sassoon Academy many years ago and I knew that although the stylists are students, they are closely supervised so I knew I would end up with a precision Sassoon haircut which works with my natural hair for a fraction of the price. The real price paid is that the appointment took about three hours instead of one but it was totally worth it.

If you follow me on Instagram, you would have already seen the picture of the dramatic change. Ok, so I didn’t dye my hair brown and honey blonde which was mainly because I hadn’t had a skin test, but also because I needed to take my style change one step at a time!

I was given a cut which worked with my natural curls with the lob length at the front and extra short at the back, all nicely sculpted the Sassoon way. Although it was a bit of a shock seeing most of my hair on the floor, the cut made me feel like I was walking on air. This is the best I could ask for.  Perhaps next time I’ll be brave enough to colour my hair too…

The "Lob" is everywhere!
The “Lob” is everywhere!

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