London Fashion Weekend Maybelline Goodies

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London Fashion Weekend Maybelline Goodies
London Fashion Weekend Maybelline Goodies

I was lucky enough to win Luxe tickets to London Fashion Weekend and an overnight stay at the May Fair Hotel with Stylist Magazine. In my Pringle tote bag was a cute little set of Maybelline Color Show nail polishes with matching Baby Lips lip balms.

You might remember when I reviewed Baby Lips in Mint Fresh which I liked but it wasn’t quite hydrating enough for me. I mentioned that the next one I wanted to try was the Intense Care version and guess what? There was one in my Summer Mix’N’Match set! I’m very pleased with this!

I also received two tinted lip balms – Cherry Me with a cherry coloured tint and Pink Punch with a pink tint. I’m looking forward to trying these out. I’m not sure whether tinted lip balm is make-up or skin care but I’ll probably put any reviews on this skincare blog as I’ve mentioned them here already.

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