London Fashion Weekend Label.M Goodies

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I was lucky enough to win Luxe tickets to London Fashion Weekend and an overnight stay at the May Fair Hotel with Stylist Magazine. I had never been before and it was so much fun! label.m products are used in Tony & Guy salons and you could get your hair done by Tony & Guy at London Fashion Weekend. label.m were the official haircare products and in my Pringle tote bag, there were two full-sized cans!

On Friday’s London Fashion Week Trend catwalk show (where I had tickets to sit on the front row!) the hair was straight and smoothed right back. Extra-long hair was worn in a perfect sleek ponytail with hair covering the band. Thanks to the goodies in the tote bag, I can recreate this look.

I am now the proud owner of a giant label.m hairspray in the prettiest hairspray packaging I have seen. I also have a can of Shine Mist. Shine spray is one of those things I like to use to add the final touch to a perfected evening hairstyle. I like the glamour of a glossy look but I just haven’t got around to picking up a shine spray – when I style my hair I remember I need it then I forget to buy it! As you can imagine I am very pleased with my can of Shine Mist. Now I just need an occasion to use it – the next London Fashion Weekend perhaps?

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