London Fashion Weekend and My Stay in the May Fair Hotel

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Hello! Fashion Monthly
Hello! Fashion Monthly

I won Luxe tickets to London Fashion Weekend and an overnight stay at the May Fair Hotel with Stylist Magazine. I was over the moon!

Now, I know this is a beauty blog, specifically a make-up blog. If you want to know about my hair, nails and skin goodies from my Pringle tote bag, click the links. I had a long hard think about how to link my stay in the May Fair Hotel to beauty because I know my readers want to know about make-up but maybe you’re also curious about the hotel too?

On the Trend Catwalk show on Friday evening at London Fashion Weekend, the make-up was fresh – clear skin, natural (not nude) lips, delicate rosy cheeks, subtle highlighting and naturally defined eyes. A Maybelline short film revealed a cool beauty trick – Baby Lips lip balm was used as a highlighter to reflect the catwalk lights. I wonder if us mere mortals could get away with that!

After my lovely evening, I was warmly welcomed at the May Fair Hotel reception then I made my way to my family room with my husband and my baby. The room was gorgeous with two queen sized beds, massive mirrored wardrobe doors, a table and chairs and an armchair with space left over for a Cosatto baby travel cot (provided by the hotel), a pram and a room service table. The en-suite shower room had a massive mirror and bright, white lighting perfect for applying makeup.

At the earliest opportunity I tipped out my tote bag onto one of the beds, propped myself up on the red and gold velvet cushions and flicked through the March issue of Hello! Fashion Monthly – a new fashion magazine costing only £1. The cover star was Coco Rocha sporting a refreshing spring look – berry lips and dark eyes – the perfect antidote to the usual dewy ‘no makeup’ makeup. The beauty pages mainly focused on skincare however there was an article on creating a ‘bare faced’ look – the look I like to wear in summer. I also spotted in the beauty edit that brows should be given the ‘undone’ treatment – subtle contouring and feathering rather than defined arches. I’m willing to give it a go but I really like my definition.

On the glass table in the hotel room there were February and March issues of Harper’s Bazaar and an issue of Ccercle magazine (just to remind me I had won a stay in a luxury hotel). I flicked through Ccercle but the beauty products were well out of my price range to the extent where I think Eve Lom was the most affordable brand mentioned in it!

After a very restful night’s sleep (as best as I can get with a tiny baby) I decided to go through the two issues of Harper’s Bazaar while I was waiting for my room service breakfast. I obviously went straight for the beauty pages. The March issue basically described how to achieve the delicate, luminous look I saw on the catwalk the night before. Some tips I could try are:

  • Don’t apply foundation to the cheeks so your natural colour can show through – well I like my freckles (which is another trend) and would like them to be seen but I would feel strange wearing foundation everywhere except my cheeks.
  • For a luminous look apply emollient cream to the (bare) cheekbones and temples. Well we already know from Maybelline that you can try Baby Lips for this. They also mention Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream. I would go for a tiny dab of Eight Hour Cream – it’s one of my favourite products because you can use it for so many things – far too many to mention and more and more uses are discovered all the time!
  • Eyes are bright using MAC Eye Gloss and concealer under the brow bone. You might already use concealer under the brow bone and I’m wondering if I can use my trusty Eight Hour Cream instead of Eye Gloss? If that’s too subtle, one of the tips is to create a smoky eye using nude shades. If you’re a fan of the Urban Decay Naked palettes, especially the Urban Decay Naked Basics palettes, now’s the time to try and make a subtle smoky eye.

Harper’s Bazaar also had an article on spring lips using velvet sheens and hints of colour. I would be prepared to try the YSL Volupte Tint-in-Oil and Lancome Lip Lover to achieve this. I used to be a gloss girl but at the moment I’m all about the velvet look because I don’t have the patience for those hair-stuck-to-lips moments anymore. Maybe these oil tints would be a good compromise so I could get a subtle shine without having to use a sticky gloss.

Well, after enjoying my beauty research, my luxurious shower using Essentiel Elements shower gel and body lotion (provided by the hotel which I though smelled of Murray mints but it’s actually rosemary), eating my super yummy waffles with maple syrup, strawberries, a side of bacon and a banana smoothie, and packing all the bags, the only make-up I had time to apply in the large bathroom mirror with the good lighting was my Sleek Pout Polish! Thank goodness for the midday checkout time.

I had so much fun – thank you Stylist Magazine and the May Fair Hotel for my wonderful experience!

Beauty research with Harper's Bazaar on the comfy cushions
Beauty research with Harper’s Bazaar on the comfy cushions

2 Replies to “London Fashion Weekend and My Stay in the May Fair Hotel”

  1. I love Harper’s Bazaar! I think it became my magazine nr. 1 over the past year & i’m quite happy that Germany (where i live) does have its own edition. Ones i was a Vogue girl, but Harper’s Bazaar managed to win me over. 😉
    Oh and how exciting that you were able to go to the London Fashion Weekend!! Congrats, i bet it was a fantastic new experience for you.


    1. LFWend was amazing – I have to go back! I have to say, I’m still a Vogue girl. I like to read overseas editions so I have managed to read Vogue Paris, Vogue India and Vogue Italia, as well as the UK and USA editions. See if you can get hold of some overseas editions of Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue – it’s fun to discover the trends in other countries.


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