Avon Chrome Nail Polish Memories

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Avon was one of the first beauty brands I remember encountering as a child. I used to love going through the catalogue, strategically picking out the products which would get me a free gift. As my school did not allow makeup, and my parents discouraged makeup, I picked out nail polishes which I could wear on the weekend.

I specifically remember when Avon brought out chrome nail polishes – they were so different I just had to ask my mum if she would buy me some. I chose two colours, the silver chrome and the blue chrome and they were called “mirror shine”. I still have the bottles to remind me to look out for them again if Avon ever brought them back. I wish I asked mum for the pink one also, but then that would have been greedy!

I don’t think the Mirror Shine polishes did make it back into the Avon catalogue but luckily for me, O.P.I. brought out a silver chrome called Push and Shove, part of the Gwen Stefani collection. It goes without saying that I bought it! I love the look of it but it really doesn’t last long. I might do a longer post on it.

I have now recently discovered that Models Own have produced a “Colour Chrome Collection”. I am very excited as there is a pink chrome colour (beautifully photographed on britnails.co.uk)! Although I wasn’t very impressed with the white shade I bought by Models Own, I’m prepared to try a chrome shade as it will be a different formula.

In my mind, Avon paved the way for the other brands to bring chrome nail colours to the beauty world. Thanks Avon!

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