Popband vs Invisibobble

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Popband Invisibobble Popband
Popband Invisibobble Popband

From some recent beauty box purchases, I have received and tried two different types of hair tie: the Popband and the Invisibobble.


I have seen the Invisibobble on several blogs and was almost tempted by the fact it claims to hold hair securely without leaving an indentation. I received a box of three yellow Invisibobbles in my British Beauty Blogger Dream Box II and it was one of the reasons I bought the box.

I was initially put off trying the Invisibobble it by two things – the price (£3.75 for three) and the telephone cord construction. Yes, I know the telephone cord construction is what makes the Invisibobble a dent free hair tie but here is my problem. You may remember when telephones had telephone cords. I do, and I remember getting my curly hair caught in the telephone cord. The detangling process was not a nice experience!

Thanks to that memory, I have not fully tried the Invisibobble on my curls. I have placed the Invisibobble on my curls for a loose hold but I did not twist it. When my hair is curly, it’s not possible to tell when it is dented although I will say that without twisting the Invisbobble, it has a very light hold.

I did twist the Invisibobble when I straightened my hair. The hold was not as tight as I would have liked and due to the telephone cord shape, I couldn’t get my hair perfectly smooth. The good thing is, as promised, I did not have a kink in my hair after I took the Invisibobble out.

Popband London

When I first read about Popbands, again there were two things that discouraged me from buying them. The first is that the Popband looks like elasticated ribbon tied at the end – why would I pay for something seemingly so simple? Surely I could make it myself! The second reason is that I didn’t see them in the shops and I had no idea how to get hold of any Popbands. One of the reasons I bought the Latest in Beauty Glamour Beauty Edit Party Edition was so I could try the Popbands.

Popbands also claim to keep hair firmly in place without denting the hair. I haven’t tried the Popbands on straightened hair but I have worn them while my hair is curly.

I think the Popbands are pretty. They feel like they are good for my hair whilst having a nice firm hold – it felt much more secure than the Invisibobble.

I’m not sure if the Popbands will dent my hair when straightened – it couldn’t tell with my curls. I noticed that after a couple of wears the gold houndstooth pattern started to deteriorate which is not great when you usually have to pay £8 for a pack of 5.


Out of the two products, the Popbands win! The absence of fear means I’m more likely to buy a pack of plain Popbands and wear them for everyday casual styles when my hair is both curly and straight.

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