Scünci Black Hair Elastics

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Scünci Black Hair Elastics
Scünci Black Hair Elastics

Do you remember when hair elastics used to be sealed with metal? I do. Our hair would get caught in the metal and broken and the only way to avoid this was to wear a satin scrunchie instead. I know scrunchies have somehow made a comeback since I wore them in the 90s (when bigger was better) but I cannot bring myself to wear them again, even if they have popped up in Vogue magazine in the past couple of years.

These days I stick to simple black hair elastics to tie my long, dark, curly hair. As hair elastics are so simple, I try to pay as little as possible for them and I actively avoided brand names. I have tried several types of non-metal hair elastics but they all break way too soon under the weight of my hair. I began to think this is just how hair elastics are until I decided to pay a little more and buy Scünci hair elastics.

I am very happy with my decision to upgrade! The Scünci hair elastics are strong enough to hold my hair in a tight ponytail as none have broken and my hair seldom gets caught on the hair elastic (sometimes it happens, probably because curly hair is disobedient).

I know that the pack of 18 will last me a long time- I’ll probably lose the hair elastics before I manage to break them. You definitely get what you pay for with these Scünci hair elastics and I am happy I tried them.

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