Avon Valentine’s Day Nail Art Strips

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Avon Valentine's Day Nail Art Strips
Avon Valentine’s Day Nail Art Strips

By chance, I managed to get hold of an Avon catalogue. I haven’t bought from Avon for a long time but I always like to invoke happy childhood memories by flipping through the catalogue. I’m not wearing nail products at the moment but if I did, here’s what I might wear for Valentine’s day tomorrow.

For cheeky Valentines fun, I would wear both the Heartbreaker and Kiss Me Valentine Nail Art Design Strips and wear one of each of the seven designs with one nail painted solid red, one nail painted solid white and another painted solid pink in the same shade as the pink used on the Nail Art Design Strips.

For princess pretty I would wear both the Hot Pink Bling and Young Love Nail Art Strips. I would wear Young love as an accent nail with Hot Pink Bling on all of the other nails.

For something a little racy, I would wear both Lovely Lace and Racy Lacy with Racy Lacy as the accent nail.

Finally, for something a little unexpected, I would wear Bows for you as an accent nail and paint the other nails a light pink shade.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Avon Nail Art Strips
Avon Nail Art Strips


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