Review: Ilia Balmy Nights

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Ilia Balmy Nights
Ilia Balmy Nights

The Ilia Balmy Nights is a truly luxurious lip scrub.

I bought it (from Net-a-Porter) because I wanted a no-mess, no fuss scrub to smooth out my lips and prepare them for matte lipsticks.

It has sumptuous metallic packaging so it feels like a treat every time I use it. The scrub itself is fragrance free and seems to be set in a tough petroleum jelly-type substance which keeps it in shape. The scrub particles are just right in number and roughness.

I had to swipe this over my lips a few times to get to the scrub granules on first use but now there is no need for so much scrubbing.

I now just run the scrub twice over each lip then wipe off with a damp muslin cloth. It’s very easy to use that way and leave my lips smooth feeling and not too dry. If I try to rinse the scrub off without the cloth it is a bit of a challenge because the substance holding the scrub together is water resistant!

I always follow with lip balm or 8 Hour Cream.

Ilia Balmy Nights is quite pricey but entirely worth it!

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