Review: Laura Mercia Smooth Finish Foundation Power in 17

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Laura Mercia Smooth Finish Foundation Power in 17
Laura Mercia Smooth Finish Foundation Power in 17

I bought this Laura Mercia Smooth Finish Foundation Power in 17 as an alternative to Bobbi Brown Illuminating Finish Powder Compact Foundation SPF12 in Golden 6. When I went to buy a replacement for the Bobbi Brown foundation I was told that it was discontinued and my only option was to try other stores. I had already driven hours from my house to find it so decided to go for another brand.


This should have been simple but there’s not much choice when it comes to brands stocking products suitable for black and brown skin. Some premium counters have parts of ranges which are suitable for my skin and others have nothing at all.


The Laura Mercier Smooth Finish Foundation Powder comes in 20 shades and number 17 is mine. It is for brown skin with yellow undertones. It blended perfectly into my skin and replaced the glow that had gone missing so I had to buy it.


Packaging wise, I’m not a fan as it is a little on the bulky side. The sponge is stored under the powder so you open the compact up to reveal the foundation and the mirror then you flip up the foundation to find the sponge. I can hear it rattle about when I move it which worries me however I’ve had it so long I’ve hit the pan and there is still no hint of cracking or crumbling. Must be a sign of good quality!


I find the foundation itself a little more difficult to apply when compared with the Bobbi Brown powder. I find it takes more effort to blend so it takes a little longer to apply. Once I have applied it, the foundation is weightless and looks very natural. I love the texture as it looks like skin rather than powder on skin and it does give me a very smooth looking complexion.


Much as I love the look and feel of this foundation on my face, I might not repurchase this one just yet, although I have my eye on many other Laura Mercier goodies!

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